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Why Does WordPress Make a Great Lead Generation Website?

Whether you are growing a major business or just getting an Internet business going from the couch, WordPress is the weapon of choice to generate valuable, targeted leads for you.

The beauty of this is that it levels the playing field.  WordPress itself is Opensource and  Hosting on a host like Bluehost is less than $6 per month.  Writing is often easier for the solopreneur because the major corporations have such strict compliance issues.

The blogging software itself performs better in search engines than anything you can buy if you spend a few minutes configuring some plugins and settings.  It generates leads through ranking higher in search than other types of websites.

What people do not realise is that most blogs do not have many repeat visitors.  In fact, more than 75% of a blogs visitors are via search on any given day and they will only visit once and never return.

This means if you do not convert them to a lead, you have lost them.

It also means that they are not reading your posts every day.  It is fine if you write on the same topic regularly, because no one will read the back articles anyway.

WordPress also has some built in features you will never see, but none the less they are working for you.  RSS and Pinging are letting other sites know what your site is doing and it lets search engines know that you are ready to have them come and index the site again – pumping up that traffic.

Tagging is another powerful feature.  When you tag with keywords you have identified as high value, you will rank higher for those keywords.

And finally, if you integrate a good call to action or lead capture strategy, a decent number of people are going to give you their information and become a lead for you.

You can use WordPress to develop your personal brand, sell affiliate products, build your list or generate leads for your CRM.  It works great with any of these.  If you want to get videos and tools to help you do this better joing and jump start your success with WordPress.

WordPress Lead Generation Ideas

This post will cover some WordPress lead generation ideas for you.

Most of these tips can be used in conjunction with our lead generation program.

  1. To generate leads with WordPress you need to think like a first time visitor and make a clear and compelling call to action that is on EVERY page in the WordPress site.
  2. You can get more organic lead generation if you target specific lead oriented keywords in your writing.  I suggest you try the free market samurai tool to find out what those are.
  3. Lead generation with WordPress is much easier if you write every day or two.  Look at outsourcing or repurpose your writing to keep your WordPress site fresh and full of good content.  Freshness is a big factor in how you get ranked.
  4. Use autoreponders to quickly follow up with leads that opt into your list.  I use aWeber as an affordable way to caputre and follow up with leads that visit our WordPress lead websites.
  5. If you want phone calls, make sure you put the phone number in the top right where people can see it.  If you are not sure you want calls, use Google voice to set up a number and have it email you the text of messages left for you.
  6. Look at plugings – some plugins may not be called lead generation plugins but they can be used for lead genetion outcomes.

These are just a few of the obvious WordPress lead generation ideas that you can use to generate leads with a WordPress site.

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