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WordPress Subscription Site

WordPress is the best content management system I have ever used.  It seems to combine just the right amount of easy stuff and geek access to the back end that it is super powerful.

And is it also the easiest way to build a membership site on a low budget.  Your WordPress Subscription Site can be set up with a great tool called Wishlist Member.

The wishlist member plugin enables you to set up a  WordPress Subscription Site in a matter of minutes.  I bought the multi-site version and have used it on several sites to make money already.

It is also a great way to build a private membership portal, even without charging, because membership management is easy and WordPress as a publishing platform is super easy.

One of the best things I did with Wishlist Member is to build a private membership site as a free bonus to another product I was selling.

My favorite thing about Wishlist Member is the job they do on the video before you ever decide to buy the wordpress membership plugin from them.  I spent over an hour on the free videos before I decided it was the right tool for me.  Also, since they have a money back guarantee, you really can be sure that Wishlist Member is going to be great, or you should really ask for your money back.  Had I not loved it and thought it was the best way to set up a WordPress Subscription Site, I would have not hesistated to ask for a refund.

Wishlist Member – Beyond Membership Websites

I am a fan of WP Wishlist Member and I have found a lot of great uses for the WordPress Membership Plugin that are beyond the obvious, which is doing a membership site that makes money.  So here are some alternative usages for whishlist member – if you buy the multi-site license you then have the tool (along with wordpress) to crank out private membership sites all day long.

  1. Private Sales Portal – Use Wishlist Member to create a private sales portal for your sales team or for your affiliates.
  2. Course – You can develop a one time course using WP Wishlist Member.  It does not have to be a monthly thing – and you can later upsell items as they stay involved in the course.
  3. Intranet – WP Wishlist Member is a great way to create a simple intranet for your organization.
  4. Upsell – I use Wishlist Member to manage a free membership site – but the free site is not open to the public, it is an upsell for another product where the customers that join via my reseller account get bonus training.

I am sure there are even more uses for Wishlist member that you can think of.  Feel free to leave ideas in the comments area.

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