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How to do a Webinar?

This blog post is a question, and I appreciate your reponse in the comments.

What kind of webinars do you prefer and attend?

I do Web Demonstrations one on one for our product almost every day.

But what I enjoy attending is a webinar with more personality and less structure.

I get invited to 2-3 webinars per day and I completely ignore them.  I do not want to see a sales presentation – cleverly disguised as a webinar.  That is, not unless I know in advance I am interested in the product.

But I do not mind being sold to at all when I get a couple of experts online talking about their experiences, giving good info and bantering back and forth.

Do you like a formal webinar with powerpoint or do you like an informal conversation that you are listening in on?  I know my preference, but I am curious what other people prefer as a webinar format.

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