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Measuring Success

There are a lot of ways to measure success.  I have had three big successes this week, and thought I would share them to help you think about your successes.

#1: Alltop Virtual Assistant Blog

Our Virtual Buzz Assistant blog has been recognized as a leading Virtual Assistant Resource by  This is a big success because it will generate much higher traffic and higher online respect, which translates into better SEO and a bigger audience.

#2: iLearning Global

Despite the fact that it is an MLM, I decided to join and promote this great product.  I joined Monday night, and by Wednesday I’d started appearing on Google in the #10 slot, 1st page, for the search iLearning Global.  I revamped an existing site that we were not doing much with.  Liquid Learning, which is our parent company.

#3: Marketing Mastery Advisory Board

Last night was the second meeting of my Akron area Marketing Mastery Advisory Board.  After the first meeting a month ago, one of the members went back after a discussion within the group on Google PPC and revised is campaigns to be profit oriented.  After only one meeting he is now saving over $1,000 per month and increasing his results.  I measure my success by how much I help other people succeed, and this was great to hear.

Did you have some big successes recently?  Go ahead and share them below.

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