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CNN Typos and Your Blog

First off, I am not casting any stones here.  If I write a post on one of my blogs and there are not mistakes or typos in it, it is the exception, not the norm.  I enjoy writing and I enjoy teaching, but I have never been a natural good speller.  When my book went to print, I found a misspelling on the cover and had to pay to have it reloaded.  And I was being careful that time.

I get the question all the time when doing blog speeches.  How careful should I be with my writing standards?

Well, I just came from reading a news article on CNN and it had several obvious mistakes in it.

I do not care.  I understand it is breaking news.  I respect that they are putting out new stuff all the time.  But it did make me realize that it is not just us bloggers that are guilty of lower editorial standards.  The web moves fast and more content (if it has value) is better than less.

So Should You Worry About typos?

The answer is that it depends on what you want to achieve.  With typos, some companies have very high standards because of protecting their image.  If I was a lawyer or an accountant, I would not want to be sloppy because I am in a field that requires attention to detail.  If I sell writing services, then I would also not want to have typos because one typo will jump out at people and kill sales.

Ultimately, it depends on your audience and your desired outcome.  I am fine with typos in breaking news, other people will rant and rave about lower journalistic standards.  How important is it that you make everyone happy?

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