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Twilight – Stephanie Meyers

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This is not a book review of Twilight by Stephanie Meyers.

Instead, it is a look at how a product can be so exceptional that the product takes on a life of its own.

I have not read Twilight.  I have read some of the things about Twilight on Stephanie Meyer’s Website.  But while I was in Denver to speak at a convention I happened to have CNN on and they showed the book, and all the raving fans of the book, and an interview with Stephanie Meyers.  The Twilight movie is coming soon.

I’d seen the books on display in the book store before, but never thought that vampire books would be appropriate for my 11 year old.

So long story short, after seeing the interview with the vampire book writer, I decided to get it from the library and see if my wife and daughter wanted to give it a try.

Stay with me here, there is a very strong marketing message coming

Now they both really liked Harry Potter and have read them multiple times. So since the interview mentioned a comparison I had high hopes I’d found another winner that they would really enjoy.  Oddly enough, with 1,000’s of books published every day, there are few that really stand out beyond decent entertainment.  One of my missions in life is to find them good books regularly, which is no easy task.

So I got the book from the library.   Within a day or two my wife picked it up and started browsing it, not sure if she wanted to read it.

She did not sleep that night and finished the Twilight in one sitting.  Within 3-4 days she’d finished all four books in the series.  Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  One night she read because she was so upset with the book because of the decisions the one character, Bella, was making.

While my daughter did not read it in one sitting, she did finish it within 2 days.  And when I asked them if they were better than Harry Potter, they both agreed that yes, they were better.

This was nuts, I was thinking.

They read twilight and breaking dawn (their two favorites) over and over until the two weeks was up and we had to return them to the library.  Then, for one day they took a break and then on the second day my wife asked me to go to Walmart and buy them for her.

They’d already read them multiple times!

So I bought twilight and breaking dawn, and I am sure we will get the middle two at some point as well.

The marketing Message

I promised a marketing message and here it is.  I frequently say there is no trick, no secret formula, you just have to have a clear marketing strategy and keep doing it long enough and making adjustments.  Well I lied.  The secret formula is to make a product that is so exceptional and creates a strong emotional connection so that it generates the kind of raving fan base that these books are creating.

I hope Stephanie Meyers is very rich.  We paid much less for her books than we would to see a movie or go to an amusement part, and my wife and daughter have gotten an amazing number of hours of enjoyment reading, and rereading the books.  They will be in line on the first day to see the twilight movie coming out next month.

At some point I am going to read these books, not for the pure pleasure, but to study how it is written and understand how she used words to create such a compelling connection with the reader.  Twilight has the secret formula and it may be required reading for any marketer.

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