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Lenovo Tablet

I have to say that for about 6 months I have been looking forward to the new breed of tablet computers coming out.  I just saw the demo of the Lenovo Tablet at CES on CNN and it looks pretty cool.

I worked with some of the earliest prototype versions of tablet computers many years ago.  They were so early, that they actually only had instructions in Japanese.  It sounds cool, but they did not do much back then.  But I saw the potential years ago and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of really good tablets.

In many ways, the smart phones, like my iPhone, have paved the way for tablets.  Anyone that has gotten into the habit of using a smart phone will have experienced that feeling of not really needing a laptop now, but still kinda needing one because the phones are too small.

I have needed a new laptop for about two years, but have kept putting off a new one in the hopes of something really interesting coming along.  (Plus, the old one works, it is just heavy, old and needs a new battery)

I am not sure which one I will buy this year, but I will buy a tablet.  I look forward to running my business from a small, light clip board that is connected to everything.  I think this will be fun.

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