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Small Business Speaker

I do not think of myself as a Small Business Speaker.  But I am a marketing Speaker that has a strong appeal to small businesses and non profits. Sometimes the market chooses what you are more than you do.

So as a small business speaker, I am presented with a variety of challenges.

  1. Small Business is too wide a category.
  2. Small Business Owners are too pay much attention online.
  3. An individual small business is unlikely to bring in a small business Internet Marketing Speaker.
  4. Many events have cut back due to economy.

So with that, I have launched a serious effort to attract more speaking opportunities via my personal marketing speaker website and I am using Buzzoodle’s lead generation engine to build visibility.

This is the first time I am really focusing on the web for speaking leads and I have high expectations, because without trying hard in the past I have done rather well.

I know a lot of speakers and small business owners read this blog, and we have already signed up 5 speakers for their own lead generation engines – so this is going to be a hot area for us.  I will update this blog on future progress.

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