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Free Online Database

One thing that I frequently refer people to is the option to set up a free online database to capture leads, track hours, build simple small business database program solutions and more.  I had one client looking at buying Oracle because they wanted to put up a web page to have people report hours.

For a very low monthly rate, aWeber is the best way to capture and follow up on leads automatically.

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In that case, I referred them to Google Spreadsheets because Google does not have a Google Database.  They loved it and it saved them $10,000 or more trying to set up some crazy big enterprise database system for a simple problem they had.

A while back, I started working with a company that does even better than Google spreadsheets.  They let you build Free online relational databases that can be more complex and more useful.  Unfortunately, that company did not make it but another one has been strong for a lot of years – Zoho has many free online database tools.

Having been a database administrator in a past life, I can tell you that it is so nice to point people to a simple custom small business database solution like this and let them solve their own simple database problems with a friendly interface that is easy to use.

They even have free database templates you can install that do inventory tracking, lead generation tracking, project management and more.

And the best part for me is that I can refer to them as an excellent way to put a free HTML lead capture form on a website.  Of course, I recommend aWeber if you want to add email autoresponders, but if you just want capture leads and data from visitors and you do not need the email autoresponder, you should check out the Zoho site.

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