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Hiring Sales People

Lately I have been hiring more and more people that are very different from me.  I love technology, writing, SEO and marketing.  When I look at most small business owners, I think many of them are held back because they can easily hire people like them (a similar skill set) but they are very bad at hiring someone that is different from them.

I failed miserably the first few times I hired sales people.  This was many years ago, but I spent a lot of time hiring sales people and they never produced sales.  I actually gave up for a little while until a very successful Uncle told me, “Well, you just have to keep trying.”  Sage advice, let me tell you.  A light bulb went on for me, not just in regards to hiring sales people but in general.  You do not have many choices in life.

You can:

  1. Keep trying – but learn from failures
  2. Keep trying and hope to get lucky
  3. Give up
  4. Give up but move to something that is a better use of your skills and time.

In both cases, there is a good and bad “keep trying” and a good and bad “quitting.”

For the first time I have built a really good nucleus of a sales team that looks like it is going to grow fast and be very successful.  This time I read books, talked to people and committed to keep building it despite the certain setbacks that would come along.  I also found very talented people to help me that have a proven track record.

If you are hiring sales people and you are a small business, I hope this is helpful.  I wish I would have read it years ago, but then who would have wrote it?

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