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Quick Marketing To Do List

So you have some time to come and read a blog?  How about I give you a quick marketing to do list.

Your Quick marketing To Do List

  1. Leave a comment on this blog and at least one other – and be sure it links back to your site.
  2. Email 3 people you have not talked to for at least 3 months to touch base.
  3. Post a message with a link on twitter.
  4. Add a friend to facebook
  5. Add a connection to LinkedIn
  6. StumbleUpon 3 Things Not Yours, and one thing yours  (Maybe this blog, hint hint)
  7. Sign up for the free buzz marketing course if you have not already done so.
  8. Set up a blog and start publishing.

Hmmm, ok that last one will not be quick if you have never done it before.

Why not develop a quick marketing to do list that you will do every week at the same time.  This is exactly the kind of thing we do with virtual buzz assistants.  They develop a list of quick online marketing activities that help you keep your profile high and they do the activities for you.

Then you can evolve this group of marketing activities into a social media marketing plan once you start measuring the results.

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