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Rebuilding Blogging Strategies

I have blogged for business purposes for many years. Over that time, I have gone from not taking blogging seriously, to taking it very seriously and focusing on it, and then to refining my blogging strategy to that of lead generation and SEO with blogs.

What about building a reputation with blogs?

It can work, but it is not easy. In the last month, several huge bloggers have cut back on blogging or refocued their efforts. See Chris Brogan here.

I like Chris and he is one of the few bloggers I read. However, because he blogs every day I mostly do not read his stuff. (Occasionally something jumps out at me and I check it out.)

One the other hand, my favorite blog is Tim Ferris of 4 Hour Work Week.

The number one reason it is my favorite is he only posts 1 or 2 times per month and it nearly never is boring. I do not always agree with him, but he is interesting and there is a quality to what he does that could not be done on a daily basis.

Also, Tim tells you in no uncertain terms that he enjoys life and does not have time to talk to you. Chris, on the other hand, tried to help people and has been overwhelmed. I like them both, and I wish Chris well, but for people that are already busy with a business, you need to either become a celebrity like Tim Ferriss or you need to see your blog as a part of your online lead generation strategy and not worry too much about building personal relationships with everyone. It is just not scaleable. (It is nice, but will probably hurt your profitability)

Blogging for lead generation is not as sexy as being a celebrity. But it has clear metrics and ROI and takes much less time than fooling yourself about brand building. You can see what I mean in our free video tutorial.

And in case you have not guessed yet, I am trying to get you to sign up and become a lead – that is the purpose of business, after all. :)

Purpose of Business

When you start talking about strategy, business plans and marketing plans it can seem overwhelming.

But what are you really talking about?

You are talking about the purpose of your business. Why does your business exist?

Then, each action you take in your business must have a purpose that supports the overall purpose of your business.

So when you buy an advertisement in a magazine, you have to ask yourself, “Does this ad spend contribute to the purpose of our business?”

Now if your business is a for-profit business, the obvious purpose of your business is going to be to create wealth and security for the owners and employees. Seems obvious, right?

But think about all the problems going on today. Most of those problems were created by over reaching and over spending. Some companies were buying things because their competitors were, others were looking at short term wealth creation at the expense of long term wealth creation.

In every instance, ask yourself what the purpose of your action is. How does it contribute to purpose of the business? If it is not crystal clear, it probably is not something that you should be doing

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