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Is Your Brand Costing You a Fortune?

I really love my Buzzoodle Brand.  I doubt I have monitized it the best I could, but I do love my brand.

In some ways it is important to love your brand.  If you really love it, you will be excited and talk about it with passion.

But loving your brand (and maybe yourself) too much can also cost you a fortune.

With the closing of Woolworths, people are not sad about the closing of the best way to buy toasters.  They are sad because they have grown used to the brand name and the idea of something with a long history.  People that have long ago stopped shopping there are still probably sad to see it go.

Successful people know the importance of brand, and they also know that it is just a tool for making money.

The problems with branding come into play when you let your  love for your brand cloud your judgement.  A business exists to make you money.  A brand should contribute to that.  Business first, brand second.

– If you have a brand you love and you are still trying to figure out how to make money with it, your brand is costing you a fortune.

– If you are spending many months building the perfect website, best logo, etc to establish your brand, the brand is costing you a fortune. Launch earlier and test your ideas, then continue to perfect it.

– If you are loosing money but think it is going to turn around next year because of the strength of your brand, your brand is costing you a fortune.

– If you are spending time tweaking your brand instead of improving the business process, your brand is costing you a fortune.

Falling in love with your brand can blind you to the hard facts about business.  The only brand you should be in love with and committed to is your personal brand, because ditching it for another is rather difficult without some plastic surgery and moving to another city.

Brian Tracy

I am involved with Brian Tracy for the first time because I joined iLearning Global in his down line.

Before that, I’d never looked at much of what Brian Tracy did, but I knew who he was and I had heard about all the people that respect him.  And after seeing Brian Tracy’s Videos on iLearning Global I have grown to respect him as well.

The interesting thing for me on this blog is BRAND protection.  Brian Tracy does a good job of locking up his organic searches on google for his name.  I think all 10 are favorable for him and probably owned by him.  Many other long term word combinations with his name are not locked down well, but that is time consuming and hard to do.

What fascinated me more is the heavy attack on his personal brand with Google Adwords – just look at the image to the right of the ads that appear when you search on Brian Tracy.

Maybe that is a sign of when you have really made it.  When people feel compelled to try to steal your thunder by running ads for your name and trying to lure people that are clearly interested in your message away from you, it is really the ultimate sign of respect.

Personally I think it is kind of sad, but Brian Tracy probably gets the last laugh as people that are looking for his name most likely do not click much on the ads that are defaming Brian.

The image to the left does not click anyplace – it is there to illustrate the point.  If you want to see some of these ads live and clickable, go do your own lookup of Brian Tracy.

Tim Ferriss on Personal Branding

Tim Ferriss has an excellent post on personal branding.  Let me add to his comments here.

1st captured your personal brand via domains, blogs, etc.  (Even if you are not writing regularly to them.)

Then use this platform to promote those things you care about in your life.  It could be where you work, your favorite hand cream, your kids soccer team, etc.

Talking about things you care about diversifies your online footprint and could lead to more career success.  Consider how an employer is going to feel about an employee that is out there writing positive things about the company.

New Social Business Network – Spock

For the past week I have been getting a lot of requests for me to join Spock.

 I finally signed up to check it out.  See me here.

The things I like about it are:

  • Love how they build pages that relate to you.  If you sign up and most of the pages they list related to you are really about you, you are probably doing a good job of personal branding.
  • Love the ease of adding tags and other elements.

Things I do not like

  • I tried many times to upload an image and it always failed.  I finally added an image url link and it worked.
  • Tried to upload my linked in list several times, and it always failed to finish the process and sent me to an error page.  I finally did a few connections one at a time.

I think this tool has some potential and is interesting.  If you like to get into these things early and do not mind the confusion and bugs, you may want to sign up.  This can easily become the best central place to manage your personal brand.

O! Blogger

o-blogGreat reading – just in time for the snow (here, at least.)  I copied this list, which is a meme (something people are passing around) from Servant of Chaos.  The list is called O! Blogger and people are posting it all over.  I found some new blogs to read right away.

Feel free to add a few and copy it to your blog.

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Employee Evangelism with Phil Gerbyshak

I have scheduled a variety of experts for our upcoming Employee Evangelism Worshop

Phil GerbyshakThis post is asking some tough questions to Phil Gerbyshak, the make it great guy, on why he is participating and what is his role. 

1) What do you contribute to the Employee Evangelism Workshops?

Phil: As a full-time employee in corporate America, I live employee evangelism every day. Additionally, as a full-time solopreneur, I live personal brand evangelism every night. The techniques I use to talk about my day job cross over into the things I do to build my personal brand; being authentic, making it easy for folks to talk about me, and repeating the same message over and over again.

I’ve also been blogging to develop my personal brand since March of 2005, with varying degrees of success. I can share my successes and my struggles, and help you cut years off your personal branding learning curve.

2) Phil, you have a good full time job with a large company and you are not in sales and marketing. Why have you worked so hard building a great personal brand?

Phil:  Great question Ron! To borrow a term from Daniel Pink, we live in a “free-agent nation,” and aren’t guaranteed of anything from our companies, only an offer of what might be. If I’m going to be successful in this world, it may or may not happen at my day job. What I can do is build myself to be the best me I can be, by continuing to learn more about my passions and my strengths, and not let myself get boxed in by the typical definition of an IT guy, a manager, or even a guy from Wisconsin.

Most of all, I don’t want to be defined by anything not of my choosing.

3) What have been the biggest advantages of building your brand?

I see the biggest advantage being folks know me as Phil Gerbyshak, helpful guy, and few think about me as an employee in a faceless corporation.

I’d bet if you asked folks where I live (Milwaukee), many know my name, but few know where I work or what I do. That’s been a very intentional brand building part of my life. This helps folks see me in a very positive light, and don’t equate my success with the success of my company.

To be clear, I love my job and my company and my team. I just don’t want to be pigeon holed as an employee of company x.

4) Phil, how do you juggle a full time job, time with family and building your personal brand?  Do you have a social life?

Phil: Very carefully Ron. Seriously, I do it by making sure that instead of living 3 distinct lives, I interweave them all into 1 great life. When I’m at work, I am the go-to guy people turn to when they don’t know who else to ask. Though I’m an IT manager, I’m seen as a leader who folks can turn to for personal development, management advice, and just an overall helpful guy. You could say many of these same things about my personal brand as a solopreneur, and in my family.

Social life? Sure, I go to movies with my wife, go to sporting events and house parties with my friends and family, and find time to mentor a 16 year old boy with Big Brothers Big Sisters, in addition to giving back with several other non-profits locally in Milwaukee.

The key? It’s all congruent with who I am, and it makes it part of the brand that is Phil Gerbyshak.

5) What are the biggest advantages of having a strong, online personal brand?

One of the biggest advantages I see is folks can easily find me in the way that I want them to find me. If you search for Phil Gerbyshak,  you will find items I created or interviews with me, so the message is directly from me. My message is consistently spread because I took the time to build my brand. If you don’t take the time to build your brand, you run the risk that someone else will. And I don’t want someone else to say who I am, I want to be part of that story!

The other advantage I’ll mention is having a strong online personal brand easily translates into a strong OFFline personal brand. I’ve gotten to meet some really amazing people (like you, Timothy Johnson, Priscilla Palmer, Kevin Eikenberry, Steve Farber and Rosa Say, to name a few) all because I’ve taken the time to share my brand with others.

6) Where are the best places to see your personal brand in action?

Phil: Right now the best places to see my personal brand in action are at Make It Great! ( and at Slacker Manager ( You could also pick up a copy of my book 10 Ways to Make It Great! at if you wanted a practical  workbook to improve your life.

Thanks Phil.  Come join Phil and me in Las Vegas in January, 2008.  Everyone can build a personal brand and everyone is a buzz marketer.

Personal Branding

The heart of good employee evangelism is getting employees to understand they are a brand and to care about cultivating that brand.

My good friend Phil Gerbyshak is part of a fantastic group putting on the personal branding summit .  I strongly suggest you go take a look and get as many people involved in this within your organization as possible.

The payback to getting more people to build their personal brand is the organization gets tons of visibility as well.

Online Lead Generation