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Internet Passive Income Opportunities

Yaro Starak has a very detailed post about internet passive income opportunities.  Go check it out if you have time and you are interested in the topic.

One of the interesting conclusions he draws is that, once you filter out the scams, there are a lot of internet passive income opportunities that work, but the people that are working them usually fail.  He goes into some detail here – and it is worth reading.  It is not only true for individuals, but also for businesses that want to generate leads online.  It is about consistently building on what you have, and most people set up a site and then do not touch it for 6 months.

While I avoid MLM’s like the plague, I did join one this year and was successful in building a downline.  Yet I quit selling it after 6 months – and the reason was because the people below me were failing and leaving the program.  I tried to do some training, but getting those people to take action and stick to it long enough to be successful simply took too much of my time for too little return.  Which, coincidentally, is exactly why I avoid MLM’s.

But what makes internet passive income opportunities more attractive is that the start up cost can truly be $Zero.  Sure, you are going to do better, faster if you can spend some money.  But you can trade time and effort for money and just keep learning by trial and error and build a serious business that has a great passive revenue for you.

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