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Small Business Speaker

I do not think of myself as a Small Business Speaker.  But I am a marketing Speaker that has a strong appeal to small businesses and non profits. Sometimes the market chooses what you are more than you do.

So as a small business speaker, I am presented with a variety of challenges.

  1. Small Business is too wide a category.
  2. Small Business Owners are too pay much attention online.
  3. An individual small business is unlikely to bring in a small business Internet Marketing Speaker.
  4. Many events have cut back due to economy.

So with that, I have launched a serious effort to attract more speaking opportunities via my personal marketing speaker website and I am using Buzzoodle’s lead generation engine to build visibility.

This is the first time I am really focusing on the web for speaking leads and I have high expectations, because without trying hard in the past I have done rather well.

I know a lot of speakers and small business owners read this blog, and we have already signed up 5 speakers for their own lead generation engines – so this is going to be a hot area for us.  I will update this blog on future progress.

Lead Generation Marketing Speaker

A while back I took a hard look at the value I was bringing to clients.

Understand, I have never felt it was a bad value or I would not have been doing it.  Period.

But there were issues around selling people software that they simply did not use to it’s full potential.  So the product was good but the average outcome was less than ideal.  -  By the way, I think Microsoft suffers from the same thing.  I want less, not more.

As a Marketing Speaker, I get a strong feel from the audience on what they want, and that is usually less as well.  Just tell me the couple of most important things – not a long list of things I will never do.

That is why we built our Lead Generation Product.

It is simpler than anything else I have ever built.  And it is more valuable.  It generates massive leads for clients that use the system.  And since the whole thing is automated, there is nearly nothing to do.  You only need to either write short articles or pay someone to write short articles.  Then leads find you and request information from you.

I often get hired as an SEO Speaker but most people do not want the details – they want to know how to get the maximum results for the minimum effort.

That is why I now do Web marketing workshops around using SEO, Social Media and Lead Generation Strategies to build your own lead generation engine.  You need to contact me if you are interested as we customize it to your industry and goals.

It is high, high value and I have never felt better about what I have to offer.  You should take advantage of it before your competition does.

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