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10 Things That Stop You From Making Money Fast

While I work with many fine, big businesses to help them grow their business using business blogging software to generate online leads, I also find that I end up mentoring a lot of people on creating Internet businesses. The problem is that they do not like what I have to say, which is that it takes time and work.

Here are 10 reasons it takes longer than people think (or hope) for building online income.

  1. Google sandbox – while this is unofficial, most SEO people know that the first 6-12 months are much harder on a website with a new domain. It does not get consistent good ranking from Google until it ages. If you just quit your job and started an Internet business, I hope you were planning a year in advance and set up some niche sites.
  2. No email list – Sure, there are faster ways to build a list. But starting from zero is just going to be a lot of work, especially if you have not done it before.
  3. Selling something they are unfamiliar with – lets face it, no one likes to sell something that they do not understand. If you just started and you are selling a money making opportunity, and you are not making much money yet, how are you going to convince other people?
  4. Lots of Internet marketing courses – If you are buying a lot of Internet marketing courses and programs you are probably not taking action – just learning more. Make sure to take action asap.
  5. Focusing on one site – It is OK to focus on one site – but only if you are well targeted and are going to really make an incredible effort on that site.
  6. Not testing – If you are spending money on pay per click or advertising but you are not building your list or making sales to a decent percentage of visitors, you are going to burn through your money with little outcome. Traffic is not the goal – conversion is the goal.
  7. Not planning goals in tiers – Your goal cannot be to make $100,000 in 6 months from zero. OK, you can have that goal if you want to, but consider this. I always suggest someone set daily goals and when you are just starting out, learn to make $10 a day. I know that cannot support you, but until you know how to make a little you cannot scale up and make a lot.
  8. Pick products that can be sold, not one’s with the highest payout. The places I make the most money besides working with clients are mid-priced products that have incredible quality and are very valuable.
  9. Too complex of a plan – remember that people will not find your new website unless you promote it day and night. Keep your plan simple and focus on relentless promotion, value and content.
  10. Giving up too quickly. Lastly, people do not make money fast so they think everything is wrong and they jump to the next idea. Unless you focus on a few things and do them well for an extended period, you cannot be successful.

Bonus: Especially when you are just starting, do not build many different business models. There are a lot of ways to make money on the Internet but you cannot do them all. Really master one and then learn a second.

Add New Revenue Sources to Your Business

One thing that I really enjoy, but also gives me headaches, is the many different ways that I make money for my business.  I am a firm believer that you have to focus on one very successful way to make money and build that up and automate it.  If you try to do too many things you will probably be failing at most of them.

Then again….

Let’s say you have a successful business or maybe you are just working a day job and want to dabble at night.  What ways are there to make money?

This is not exclusively Internet Income – I am going to mention some things like speaking and books, but the funny thing about those is that my speaking leads usually come via my marketing speaker website.  And my book would have never been so easy and profitable had it not been for print on demand and amazon as my main book store.  So even those areas that are not direct internet money making strategies can still be influenced by them.

Here are some other ways to add revenue to your life or business:

  1. Create a membership site – yes, this is one of the ways I make money.
  2. Build up a newsletter following and sell products to them.
  3. Blogging – Yes, you can make money lots of ways with blogging.
  4. Consulting and Development
  5. Webinars
  6. Affiliate Income
  7. Set up an eCommerce Store and sell eBooks, Etc.
  8. Set up your own Reseller Program for Web Tools

These are just some of the revenue sources I have.  Some are very small and some do very well for me.  And yes, I do have my main business that is doing very well, but it is not that much more work to add many of these things to my daily effort.  In fact, many of these things not only produce side income for me but they also help sell the main company.

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