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Macro Marketing

As I crossed the border into Mexico, I could not help but think about Macro marketing.  First, let me say I really love coming to Mexico and I have spent nearly two years of my life living in Mexico on and off.  But since I have specialized in marketing, this has been my first trip back.

Never before have I thought about marketing in such a broad sense.  Forget advertising.  Forget social networks.  What is the macro experience you are creating?

The moment I crossed the border into Mexico I experienced uneccessary stress.  Poor directions, rude behavior (that I never encounter further south) and extra expenses and hassles.  Certainly getting back into the US is not always a picnic either.

I applaud Mexico for the commitment to create great, safe highways.  I would also make the experience of entering Mexico one that made people feel welcome and wanted. 

marketing is as much the product as it is the message.  When you have a big, complex product such as a country, focusing on first impressions seems essential.

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