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Local Directory vs Inbound Marketing

If you are comparing options for your online marketing spend, here is a comparison between local directory listings and inbound marketing.

A local directory listing is usually a webpage that shows off your company.

Local directories usually do a nice job of helping local people find your company – maybe in your main topic.  They are usually fairly low cost and are a good inbound link to have to your site.

Inbound marketing can accomplish the same thing, but is has a little more diversity.  With Buzzoodle’s Inbound marketing program you will attract people that are looking for a solution to their problem.  The very same problem your company solves.  Because it optimizes more content for your topic and is always trying to close the sale, Inbound marketing will perform much better than a local directory listing.

That does not not mean you should not do local directories.  The more top 10 spots you can lock down in a search engine, the better.  If you are thinking about using a local directory and you have the funds to spare, it will not hurt and will help some.  But if you are serious about lead generation from targeted prospects, you should look at a focused Inbound marketing Strategy.

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