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There has been big demand for more hands on lead generation than we have provided in the past.  While we provide great lead generation software and lead generation training, we have tried to empower people to do it themselves with the Buzzoodle system instead of getting involved with the companies in a consulting manner.

However, many people really do not want to learn how to build lead generation sites.  Instead, they just want someone to build them for them, write for them and produce high quality, targeted leads.

Recently we started offering just such a service.  For those people that want to focus on their business and not get involved in the “how” of lead generation, you can now visit our main site,  Buzzoodle is a lead generation company that offers several options.  You can work with them on developing your custom lead generation website or you can lease a lead generation website from them and not worry about the details of writing, back linking, SEO, mobile marketing, social media and more.

Inbound marketing techniques for lead generation have been shown to have a drastically lower cost per lead compared to outbound marketing techniques such as direct mail, telemarketing and trade shows.

The upside of Inbound marketing is the lower cost and the quality of the lead.  The downside is that it does take time to develop and strengthen over time and also does not work equally well for all products and services.  If you have a product or service that people do web searches for or that they research before buying, then Inbound is going to work better for you.  However, a good side effect of any Inbound Lead Generation program that Buzzoodle does is that the effort produces great backlinks to your main company website and that will increase search ranking over time in a very ethical and positive way.  So lead generation and SEO go hand in hand in the Buzzoodle services.

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