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Cheap Lead Capture and Followup

I frequently get people looking for lead capture software and that is the one thing our Buzzoodle lead generation system does not do.  The reason is simple.  Lead capture should be done with your sales software, not a separate form that then needs to be ported over to your sales system.

Now for some people, a simple and cheap lead capture form is all they need and to those people I recommend aWeber Autoresponder.  Now keep in mind, it is better to use a good CRM like Salesforce or InfusionSoft, but if you need a cheap lead capture system and you want to maximize your investment, you cannot go wrong with aWeber.

Now you may wonder why not a free lead capture software solution, which is possible with a WordPress lead capture plugin.  You can go that route, for sure, but for a small monthly fee you can use the aWeber Autoresponder to build nicer forms, capture any data you want, get great reports and schedule follow up emails with your new leads.  This last point is so important.  If you can automate your sales process you will be more productive, sell more and work less.  Sounds good, right?

So go check out aWeber and if you really have to, use a free lead capture software solution but as soon as you can, make the switch to something that is going to get you better results.

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