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Website Keyword Research

Not all website keyword research is created equal. One of the programs I offer charges for keyword research and sometime people ask me why. After all, many SEO people will do free keyword research and then try to sell their services after the fact.

Ultimately you need to know that you are getting what you pay for. I could also use software that would look at your existing website and figure out what keywords are important to you based on your existing text. However, how valuable is this really? Think about it. Do you really think that you have naturally written and targeted the best industry keywords with high traffic and low competition? Do you think you are using the exact phrases that you prospecive buyers are searching for? Probably not.

Recently I worked with a client that already had traditional SEO services and he had the report that the SEO specialist had produced for him. I told him if he wanted to reduce the fee we could use those keywords, but could not assure him of any particular results.

Even he knew that the SEO person had really not done any serious research. The list of 1,300 prespective keywords we gave him also had a filtered list of keywords we thought were better for his product and ultimately had a third list of the 100 or so best keywords to target for his industry.

The little bit he spent with us gave him a real look at what his buyers were looking for as well as an idea of the competition for those keyword phrases so he could target the low hanging fruit.

Buyer Beware: Not all keyword research is created equal.

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