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Kent State University Marketing Course

Next week I will be teaching a 3 credit hour marketing course at Kent State University.  I designed the marketing course and will be working in an intense, intersession setting where I will do 40 hours of teaching in one week.

It is going to be fun, and I hope really valuable for the students.  It is interesting because the University came to me because they see that there is a merging of Internet, PR, marketing, Technology and Advertising but they are not well equipped to quickly address it.  The marketing department does not have tech savvy people.  The technology areas do not understand marketing.  Journalism is a different school and crossing over is difficult.

At some point, it seems like some of these traditional schools/departments would need to be rethought.  With citizen journalism, word of mouth marketing and it being easier to create things on the web, people really need to be more interdisciplinary than ever.

My hope is to help them create a whole interdisciplinary marketing certificate that would address these issues.  But right now I am focused on this marketing course and doing a great job there.

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