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Add New Revenue Sources to Your Business

One thing that I really enjoy, but also gives me headaches, is the many different ways that I make money for my business.  I am a firm believer that you have to focus on one very successful way to make money and build that up and automate it.  If you try to do too many things you will probably be failing at most of them.

Then again….

Let’s say you have a successful business or maybe you are just working a day job and want to dabble at night.  What ways are there to make money?

This is not exclusively Internet Income – I am going to mention some things like speaking and books, but the funny thing about those is that my speaking leads usually come via my marketing speaker website.  And my book would have never been so easy and profitable had it not been for print on demand and amazon as my main book store.  So even those areas that are not direct internet money making strategies can still be influenced by them.

Here are some other ways to add revenue to your life or business:

  1. Create a membership site – yes, this is one of the ways I make money.
  2. Build up a newsletter following and sell products to them.
  3. Blogging – Yes, you can make money lots of ways with blogging.
  4. Consulting and Development
  5. Webinars
  6. Affiliate Income
  7. Set up an eCommerce Store and sell eBooks, Etc.
  8. Set up your own Reseller Program for Web Tools

These are just some of the revenue sources I have.  Some are very small and some do very well for me.  And yes, I do have my main business that is doing very well, but it is not that much more work to add many of these things to my daily effort.  In fact, many of these things not only produce side income for me but they also help sell the main company.

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