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Internet Marketing Software

Internet marketing is as diverse as traditional marketing.  So you will not find one piece of Internet marketing Software that does everything you need for all things on the web.  It is just not practical or possible.

Internet marketing also changes all the time, so to maintain it would be a nightmare.  Plus, new interesting techniques come out all the time that make older stuff less appealing.  On top of that, because Internet marketing is reliant on things like search engine rank, and since the search engine companies change their products every week, you can imagine that it is darn near impossible to build one piece of software that would do everything.

Now there are some high end content management systems that try.  Hubspot is a company like that.  It is a nice system and very comprehensive.  But when you move into their system you are getting married with them because your marketing system and website is built on their platform.

I was building platforms like this in 1997 (without twitter and such, of course) and the one thing I found was they grow and grow until they become difficult to support or obsolete.

So a couple of years ago I went back to the drawing board to build a system that had the best interest of the customers in mind.  It was a bit challenging to come up with the perfect solution, but what we decided to do is build a central system that would provide training, content writing, SEO and reporting that interfaced with WordPress.  The reason is simple.  WordPress is not going to become obsolete because thousands of people are working on it and it is some of the most popular software in the world.

Also, people keep adding free and premium plugins to it all the time.

Plus it gets good search ranking with only some minor tweaks.

Plus it is very flexible.  You can start with our lead generation theme and customize it to your liking.

Now the one disadvantage of this is that it is not one piece of Internet marketing Software that you can learn and use to do everything.  However, it is agile marketing that any serious Internet marketing Professional will appreciate and want to use daily.  And you will never outgrow it or find the marketplace has left it behind because it is just an important piece of the puzzle and you can still integrate anything else you want.

To see some of the features visit our lead generation page.

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