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Writing a Review

Today I released one of the more detailed reviews I have ever done.  See my iLearning Global Review.

There are several reasons that you want to do reviews.

  1. Sell products
  2. Generate better traffic
  3. Help your audience find good products.
  4. Help someone get publicity for a quality product.

These are all very good reasons, but you must be sure that you make your affiliation clear.  For example, in that iLearning Global Review I have a disclosure near the top stating my affiliation.

What makes a good review?

First, you should be aware of search engine results.  If you title your review xyz review, it will get much better placement in search engines instead of something more vague and clever.  When reviewing books, I like to use the title of the book and a hyphen, then the authors name.  A good example of this is my Twilight – Stephanie Meyers marketing post that shot my traffic through the roof.  (Not necessarily the traffic I am looking for, but oh well.)

Next, repeat the title fairly frequently instead of using it, the book, etc.  Not so much that it becomes annoying, but get some good keyword saturation.

Add an image or a video to make the page more interesting and appealing to the visitor.

Use tags – this can get you the great double listing in Google.

Mix it up.  Don’t just say iLearning Global Review over and over.  Also write things like, “When I was reviewing iLearning Global…”  The search engines look for this variation of language and it will see you as a more credible site.

If you follow these simple tips, your review should rank much higher in search engines and generate more traffic and interest in your website or blog.

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