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WordPress Themes

If you are setting up a WordPress blog and are looking for free wordpress themes, there are many.  But there are also some advantages to purchasing a premium wordpress theme.  And the cost is usually very reasonable.

WordPress Hack has a good article about WordPress Themes and choosing the right wordpress theme for your project.

They cover issues around support and customization of the theme.

One interesting thing I learned about WordPress Themes from the article is that there is a problem with people selling bad themes as premium themes.  Since I am very careful with my shopping, I have never experienced that.  But I can see how someone new to WordPress could easily be fooled.]

The good thing is that you can find and install WordPress themes in a few minutes, and if you do not like them you can change the theme in seconds.  It is very nice.  Go try a few free wordpress themes first, and if the basics are not enough for you, then go shopping for a premium WordPress Theme.

Free WordPress Theme

WordPress is an Open Source Blog Package.  I write about it occasionally, but really should more often.  I spend a lot of time playing with WordPress, customizing it, setting it up, etc.

One challenge is always to find good Free WordPress Themes.

WordPress Themes are a package of templates, images and style sheets that you upload to a specific folder and unzip.  Then you can activate it and customize it via the admin interface of WordPress.

So via Twitter I found this Free WordPress Theme called Apollo today – please note that I have not installed it yet, but is looks very clean and nice.  I am looking forward to giving it a try.  Go look at all the great layouts and they even provide a bunch of generic logos.

I have paid for good themes in the past.  I do not mind doing that, but with more and more quality free themes coming out, the days of paying for a theme seem numbered.

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