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Resurrecting Your Web Assets

Some people set up a 10 page website and they are done.

Other people buy hundreds, even thousands, of domains and websites that they put up and then let get stale.

I know someone that recently let a bunch of domains expire just because he never did figure out what to do with them.

I am guilty as well of not paying attention to all my domains over the years. I saw Brad Sugars speak this week and he talked about Action Coach having over 1,000 websites that they run to generate traffic to their main website.

Even before the seeing Brad Sugars speak I had formulated a plan and was working on improving one site at a time, but it was still very interesting to hear.

For you, consider resurrecting your web assets. Just because they are not doing anything does not mean that they will not do anything. The trick to doing this is to have a “website business plan” for each domain. No, I do not mean you have to write a formal business plan for each domain. Instead, I want you to have a desired outcome for each domain. I have some that are only for linking, others that only generate ad revenue, others that only sell affiliate products and yet others that just sit out there until I have time to do more with them.

Free Business Plan Template for your Website

Don’t over think the business plan – you can jot it down on a napkin if you want, but do not invest time into resurrecting your web assets until you know what you want to accomplish. Use these questions as your free business plan template for reworking your websites.

  1. Is the site currently doing anything of value? (Traffic, Page Rank, Getting linked to?)
  2. Do you want to invest in the site, sell the site, or let the site age?
  3. If you decide to age the site, make sure you have at least some information on it.
  4. Does the site currently have income? Can that income be increased with a little attention?
  5. Does the site have 1 clear call to action for making money or building your list?
  6. Could a product be developed around this website theme?
  7. Could investing in an outsourced person have a positive ROI?
  8. After making the needed changes, what is the expected outcome of the site in 6 – 12 months?

If you are not able to answer these questions realistically you probably have more to learn about the web or you need to hire someone that can tell you what you should be able to expect from some effort. Too many people have a vague idea of a site making money but no specific plan of attack or realistic expectation.

I recently did a course on creating websites that would generate an average of 50 cents per day. That seems pathetic, but the course was actually really interesting because it advocated spending less than 1 hour setting up the site, plus the $8 on domain name + nominal hosting costs (because you set up a lot of sites) and then the whole thing is mostly automated.

I really liked it because it set specific and realistic goals. Lets say a site is $8 per year domain, + .50 hosting per month + $100 of my time per year. That makes the site cost $114 per year. Now if it brings in $15 per month I will make $180 per year. That is a $66 profit plus I am building an asset. Now if I outsource that hour to someone and the $100 is now $10 – I am pretty happy.

This is a mini business plan for websites using one technique. Easy to understand. Easy to follow the formula and it is even a low risk (some sites perform better than others)

So what is your website business plan? Hopefully you have more than one site and more than one plan.

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