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Enterprise Blog Software

A few years ago I strictly sold higher end solutions.  No PHP, no open source and no free tools.

I come from a big corporate background and using enterprise tools was the only way to go.

And while there is some use for it still, you really have to get out of this mentality if you are still thinking this way.  For example, there are enterprise blogging systems, but are they really necessary?  Every SEO expert I talk to says WordPress beats any enterprise blogging system – and it is a free, open source blogging platform.

Now you may still want to use a system like our lead generation blogging system to help your WordPress site perform better, but you are still on an Open Source Blogging system you own.

Then there was that whole .Net thing.  I never did think there were big advantages.  Once we switched to .Net everything took longer, things were harder to update and at times we could not debug easily.  I was sold on why it was better but it never seemed better to me, although my programmers liked it.  Now I do everything exclusive PHP.

About 9 months ago a client called me and wanted me to set up Oracle for him.  I was at the library with my daughter, but I asked him what we was trying to do with it.

He needed a simple time keeping system that could be accessed from remote locations.

I pointed him to Google Docs and saved him tens of thousands of dollars – and he loves the solution.

The idea of Enterprise software has changed.  I prefer multiple tools good at specific things instead of complex packages that try to do everything.

I prefer open source.

I prefer things that can plug into other things and leverage the specialty of the initial software.

And I prefer our WordPress integrated publishing and lead generation software to any Enterprise Blog Software you could buy.

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