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Pump Up Your Marketing

My guess is as good as yours on the economy in 2009.  OK, maybe your guess is better than mine, but this is my blog, not yours.

Many businesses have cut back on marketing over the last year or more.  Many reports show that investing in marketing during an economic downturn is a great investment.  But I am not going to beat that drum – if you are short on cash you have to do what you have to do.

But if you live in the North – as I do – you know what a Spring Thaw looks like.  The day seems like Summer even though it is 38 degrees because of what you are used to.  And the water starts slowly dripping off then end of the icicles.

With some positive things in the news about the economy, it is like that first day of thaw.  There will still be more cold snaps and it is certainly not Summer yet, but good things are on the way.

Which brings me to your marketing.  If you did cut back on marketing for a while, now is the time to really think about increasing your visibility again.  As soon as people feel like the worst is over, they are going to splurge a little bit because they have been holding back for a long time.

Our new Inbound marketing product is going so well that I have already begun to spend a little more than I was spending.  I even visited a new restaurant (new to me) because of their marketing – I’d really cut back on eating out for a while.

Sure, my new found optimism is related to a new marketing product – but that new product is the result of the economy.  We were forced to look at simplifying our offer and creating the highest value possible.

marketing is not a situation where you want to jump in after everyone else is in there.  You want to be early and stand out in people’s minds.  Today is the optimal time to pump up your marketing.  If you are interested in online visibility, request our demo of how to make it easier for buyers to find you.

If that is not right for you, then find what is right.  Now is the time.

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