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Data Entry for Marketing

Data entry plays an important roll in marketingmarketing is mostly the act of building lists, ideally targeted lists with a lot of really good information like email and phone and mailing addresses.

When a company is out marketing, they might go to a trade organization, show or other event where they get great lists and they have the best intention of entering all that valuable information into excel or some other database or a CRM.

But time goes by and the marketing data entry never gets done and the potential leads get cold.

It was not until recently that I realized that big data entry companies actually will often do a smaller job like just described as well.  In fact, I am currently working with a data entry company and they are doing a number of smaller jobs that surprised me.  They can enter survey results when you have collected paper surveys.  They will enter information for publishers when they get subscription cards back.  They can process rebate cards, customize mailings and key data from paper or electronic directories.

This might not be surprising to you.  But what did surprise me is that they are very efficient and much more affordable than I expected.  I see projects done for as little as $25 which in my world does not seem like it would be worth doing, but for a company that only does data entry, it is just one more project.

Especially if you are looking for a local, Ohio Data Entry Company, please go check out Coleman Data Solutions and get a quote.  They provide an important service for marketing firms in the Akron area and throughout Ohio.  No marketing agency should be doing data entry themselves.  Leave that part of the project to expert data entry professionals.  The nice thing about Coleman is that it is also a Non profit data entry business and proceeds go to funding mental health issues in Ohio.

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