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Corporate Blog Software – How is it different?

If you are a small busines you may be thinking about doing some business blogging.

Do you want a free blog, a traditional blog you host yourself or do you want to invest in corporate blogging software?

Before you even start thinking about your corporate blogging platform, you will want to consider what goals you want to accomplish with your business blog.

The mistake people make with new media tools is that they hear they should have a business blog, they should use twitter or facebook, they should – they should.

It certainly does not hurt to go set up a facebook and twitter account.  I would even suggest setting up a free blog or two, depending on your time.  However, you need to really have a strategy around these things if you are going to use them for business purposes.

And a clear goal.  By goal, I do not mean the number of followers you have.

I mean the actual amount of money you will make and how your social media strategy will funnel the right people to the right products and make income for you.

This is important.  If you are not expecting anything from it up front, why would you invest in corporate blogging software solution?  Just go with a free business blogging option.  Probably more than half your visitors will not know the difference.

But did you want to make money with your blog?

If you expect to get something out of your corporate blog you are going to need to set up a blog and use it with specific goals in mind.  Or, you can hire a professional business blogging company that will set up and host your corporate blogging software and set specific goals as well as help you measure your results.  When you approach it as a real marketing effort instead of a thing you heard you should do, the entire experience changes.

Now you start out doing keyword research and targeting customers.  Then you buy a corportate blogging solution that will build a virtual keyword blog targeting each keyword.  Then you make a clear call to action that drives targeted visitors to your corporate blog to become a sales lead for you.

Blogging is exactly like normal websites.  You can set up a free website, you can set up a basic business website with no goals, or you can spend some money and time and set up a money engine that will pump your sales funnel full of targeted sales leads.

The most importat thing is to know what you want to achieve before you begin looking at corporate blogging software and other options.

Business Blog Software

Business Blogging Software can be one of the best investments your business will ever make.

Sure, there are great free blogging tools out there, but real business blog software has some important differences.

  1. Business Blogging Software is optimized for search engine results.
  2. Business Blog Software measures traffic, SERP and ultimately will demonstrate a strong blog ROI.
  3. Business Blogging Software is going to really focus on conversion. Conversion could be direct sales from the blog or it could be lead generation. Blogs are great tools when used by businesses to generate targeted leads on the web.
  4. A Corporate Blog is going to have multiple authors. Many of the free blog tools on the market are nice but do not allow multiple users.

In addition to these four business blogging software points, if you hire a company that hosts your business blog for you they should provide support, guidance and a dependable hosting environment for your business blog. Just try to back up your business blog on one of the free sites and you will quickly see how much time you are wasting.

Demo Business Blogging Software

Schedule a demo of great business blogging software today.

What you will find in the blog software demo is very little in the way of features. That is because the entire search engine optimization process is automated and businesses only have to worry about writing occasionally and following up with the leads that the business blog is generating.

Keys to Success with your Business Blog

  • Target Niche Keywords that do not have extensive competition
  • Use business blog software that builds a virtual blog for every keyword you are targeting.
  • Focus on lead generation with your business blog.
  • Do not distract visitors with options that are outside of your business goals.
  • Work with a company that has been generating leads for years with business blogs.

Anyone can set up a business blog, but unless they fully understand how to optimize the business blog software to target niche keywords by building virtual blogs for each keyword, you are not going to get as good of an ROI on your business blog.

Also, your plan must include inbound link building. A blog, business or otherwise, that never gets any links will not rank well and will not produce leads. The business blog software and regular writing with no supporting strategy is not going to be in your businesses best interest.

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