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What I Want for Christmas

I do not usually mix non profit and business.  However, I have been involved with Coleman Professional Services for five years now and the time has come to give this a shot.

Between now and Dec. 25th, I am going to match donations that are given to Coleman through their Web Form up to the first $100 if you put Buzzoodle in the “This gift is in honor of…” field.

If you would have sent me a card or something, just go make the donation there instead of $5 or more.  It really does help people that need it.

Coleman Professional Services helps people all over Northeast Ohio with Behavioral Health.  I have had a chance to meet many of the people involved with the organization   This is not your average non profit, by the way.  They are very professional and really work hard to keep administrative costs down.  I believe around 90% of your donation goes to helping people directly.

I get hundreds of visitors per day to this website and I hope a few of you each day can spare $5 to help me meet this challenge.  Click Here to Give.

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday season.

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