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The New Celebrity Brand

Reading the interview of Queen Rania of Jordan at TechCrunch and could not help thinking about how this is the year that the celebrity brand is changing in a main steam way.  The celebrities that do not jump on the bandwagon and embrace social media really might end up forgotten.  Not overnight, nor all of them, but this really is a big deal.

It took me all of a few minutes to read that interview, scan the tweets she’d posted and feel like I know her and like her.  And think about this.  If she sent me an email every day about charitable work she is doing, or sent out a press release about it daily, she’d seem like a show off or it would just get old.  But twitter is the perfect medium to show your involvement with things without annoying people or getting boring.

It also shows the human side of everyone.  And all the media attention they are getting for using twitter is helping drive up the numbers really fast and helping more people connect to them in a big way.

Do you think a year from now the news media is going to cover a new celebrity that is Twittering?  Probably not unless it is a very slow day.  That means this is the year – all you famous people that read my blog had better get out there and start building your new celebrity brand before you are no longer a celebrity.

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