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Business to Business Lead Generation

I had a good meeting with some venture capital people today.

No, I was not raising money.

Actually we were there via a referral and we were discussing how our lead generation system could help them grow their portfolio companies.  It turns out that over 50% of the companies were a good fit for increasing sales through our lead generation system.

That got me thinking about how to sell business to business.  It seems to me that it is smarter to go after venture capital people to get introductions to other business owners that can benefit from your product or service.  I am not saying this is easy, but the traditional route of hoping that business owners know other business owners and will refer you in just seems limited.  The nice thing about talking to these VC’s is that we sell a product that increases quality sales leads.  They have a great interest in increasing the portfolio company’s sales and profits.  It was a good meeting.

If you have only been going through one channel of people to do business to business lead generation, consider who else might be able to introduce you to the people that can benefit the most from working with you.

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