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Business Networking Tips

Recently I started back up business networking.  You may find it odd that I ever stopped, and I did not completely.  However, any of you out there that have done networking for years probably knows the feeling of wanting to take a break and stop going to events for a little while.

In my case, I focues on the web and cut way back on person to person.

So I had my break, I love my new product and I am back out getting to know people and rub shoulders again.

I kind of need a refresher on what the whole thing is for, so I thought I would write one for myself.  Here are 10 business networking tips.

  1. Don’t schedule things too close together.  You hate to cut conversations too short.
  2. Followup.  Get the meeting.
  3. Listen more than you talk – like no one has heard that before.
  4. Be early, stay late – it is a lot easier to have detailed conversations during that time.
  5. Know what your target market looks like – spend more time with those people and less time with people that are clearly not in your target market.
  6. Don’t have a stain on your jacket. (Darn)
  7. Smile and look people in the eye
  8. Know who is going to be there in advance when possible.  Arrange to meet key people before or after the event.
  9. Keep mints with you.
  10. Take enough business cards.
  11. Have fun

I know, really basic stuff.  Well, I was writing this as a refresher for me, not as an innovative blog post for you.  :)

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