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Take Off Your Business Meek

I remember the first month I was in business – it was a long time ago.

When I first started, I had created a good brand name and an interesting product.  I had a great background, having worked as a professor and as a Benchmark Analyst for Ernst and Young.

Yet starting my own business was new, and I felt like something was missing.  I did not contact those first people with the confidence that is required.  I was naive and lacked confidence in what I’d created.

Again -  it was a long time ago.

Today I get emails from people – a gmail or yahoo account with no signature and no mention of their company.  They might be asking me a question or making a comment.  What comes through on the email is a lack on confidence because they are hiding who they are and what they are selling.

Take off your business meek today if this sounds like you.

I do not care if your product is not ready for prime time or you do not have anything to sell.  Find an affiliate product, set up a blog, do something to start generating some visibility and start building relationships.  It improves over time and it is never truly done.

I always launch the marketing for a product before I launch the product.  If you have an idea, set up something and start building interest in the idea.

I have several things early in development right now and I have already launched websites for them, for example.

Someone that is not confident would not even consider the marketing until they felt the product is perfect.  This is holding you back.

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