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Business Blog Consultant

I actually do not call myself a business blog consultant.  It seems like an odd term.  People that have not work with blogging for business might thing that business blogs are not serious tools for business.

In the past years, I have focused a lot of energy on using business blogs to generate Internet leads.  This has proven to be very effective.  Instead of thinking you need a business blog consultant, you probably need a content marketing consultant instead.  But the business blog will be a big part of that lead generation content marketing strategy.

How it works is simple.  You combine keyword research, calls to action that appeal to your target market and content creation that focuses on solving the needs of the people you want to reach.  Then those people start finding you and requesting what you want in larger and larger numbers.

So should you hire a business blog consultant?

Certainly a consultant can help you succeed faster.  Business blogging and content marketing is a vast topic, but some things work much better than others and some things can actually hurt your effort.  If you have a budget, hire a business blog consultant or buy a packaged business blogging system.

If you do not have a budget, start a business blog anyway.  A consultant or social media coach can help you improve your effort in the future when you are ready.

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