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Rebuilding Blogging Strategies

I have blogged for business purposes for many years. Over that time, I have gone from not taking blogging seriously, to taking it very seriously and focusing on it, and then to refining my blogging strategy to that of lead generation and SEO with blogs.

What about building a reputation with blogs?

It can work, but it is not easy. In the last month, several huge bloggers have cut back on blogging or refocued their efforts. See Chris Brogan here.

I like Chris and he is one of the few bloggers I read. However, because he blogs every day I mostly do not read his stuff. (Occasionally something jumps out at me and I check it out.)

One the other hand, my favorite blog is Tim Ferris of 4 Hour Work Week.

The number one reason it is my favorite is he only posts 1 or 2 times per month and it nearly never is boring. I do not always agree with him, but he is interesting and there is a quality to what he does that could not be done on a daily basis.

Also, Tim tells you in no uncertain terms that he enjoys life and does not have time to talk to you. Chris, on the other hand, tried to help people and has been overwhelmed. I like them both, and I wish Chris well, but for people that are already busy with a business, you need to either become a celebrity like Tim Ferriss or you need to see your blog as a part of your online lead generation strategy and not worry too much about building personal relationships with everyone. It is just not scaleable. (It is nice, but will probably hurt your profitability)

Blogging for lead generation is not as sexy as being a celebrity. But it has clear metrics and ROI and takes much less time than fooling yourself about brand building. You can see what I mean in our free video tutorial.

And in case you have not guessed yet, I am trying to get you to sign up and become a lead – that is the purpose of business, after all. :)

Lead Generation with Blogs

Can you generate leads for your business by blogging?

The short answer is yes.  The long answer is a bit more complex.

Blogs are a way to provide information to people.  How well your information does at generating leads has less to do with the medium (In this case blogs) and more to do in developing a lead generation strategy and crafting the blog and information you produce to get lead generation results.

If you want to primarily use a blog to generate leads and you are not worried about establishing yourself as an industry expert, then you need to craft a strategy that focuses on ranking well for important keywords and having a clear call to action that results in leads.  Something like downloading a free study or taking a free course.

The blogging mistake people make is that they use a blog the way they think it is supposed to be used.  There is not one way to use a blog.  A blog for lead generation is much different from a personal blog or a blog that is meant to establish you as an expert.  Your lead generation blog should have minimal distractions and focus on your primary call to action.  Period.  Less navigation, no blogroll and no adwords or advertisements.  (No, this blog is not for lead generation)

This works really well if you want lead generation with blogs – but you have to get the system and formula right and start out with the best blog strategy.

Corporate Blog Software – How is it different?

If you are a small busines you may be thinking about doing some business blogging.

Do you want a free blog, a traditional blog you host yourself or do you want to invest in corporate blogging software?

Before you even start thinking about your corporate blogging platform, you will want to consider what goals you want to accomplish with your business blog.

The mistake people make with new media tools is that they hear they should have a business blog, they should use twitter or facebook, they should – they should.

It certainly does not hurt to go set up a facebook and twitter account.  I would even suggest setting up a free blog or two, depending on your time.  However, you need to really have a strategy around these things if you are going to use them for business purposes.

And a clear goal.  By goal, I do not mean the number of followers you have.

I mean the actual amount of money you will make and how your social media strategy will funnel the right people to the right products and make income for you.

This is important.  If you are not expecting anything from it up front, why would you invest in corporate blogging software solution?  Just go with a free business blogging option.  Probably more than half your visitors will not know the difference.

But did you want to make money with your blog?

If you expect to get something out of your corporate blog you are going to need to set up a blog and use it with specific goals in mind.  Or, you can hire a professional business blogging company that will set up and host your corporate blogging software and set specific goals as well as help you measure your results.  When you approach it as a real marketing effort instead of a thing you heard you should do, the entire experience changes.

Now you start out doing keyword research and targeting customers.  Then you buy a corportate blogging solution that will build a virtual keyword blog targeting each keyword.  Then you make a clear call to action that drives targeted visitors to your corporate blog to become a sales lead for you.

Blogging is exactly like normal websites.  You can set up a free website, you can set up a basic business website with no goals, or you can spend some money and time and set up a money engine that will pump your sales funnel full of targeted sales leads.

The most importat thing is to know what you want to achieve before you begin looking at corporate blogging software and other options.

Marketing Blog – 7 Reasons not to start one

If you enjoy marketing on the web, you might be tempted to start a blog about marketing, social media, twitter or some other passion you have.  Don’t!

Here are seven reasons you should not start a marketing blog.

  1. A broad marketing blog has no appeal except to other marketers (and probably not even them) – it is not specific enough.
  2. Too much competition for general marketing blogs
  3. Does not address people’s specific marketing needs.
  4. marketing as a topic is constantly changing, to stay relevant is a full time job.
  5. Very difficult to not be a ME TOO marketing blog.
  6. Clients do not care about marketing – they are looking for people to solve their marketing issues, not wax poetically about them.
  7. Niche topics get great traffic – broad topics like marketing just do not perform well.

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule.  Chris Brogan does a great job.  But most people that I know that write about marketing find it a good exercise but do not get big benefits.  Worth doing, yes.  But don’t get your hopes up.

Recently I set up a very specific niche blog for a client that targeted a good set of keywords.  It seemed very narrow to me, but he was not in a hurry to have readers.  Two weeks later and a brand new domain with 3 articles on it, he got 2,500 unique visitors.  The lesson of this story is that you should not write about what everyone needs and can already find, you should write about what a small group needs but cannot find.

Business Blogging Webinar

I was very lucky to get involved with an excellent start up called Business Expert Webinars.  May 28th at 1:00 EST I will be presenting my first webinar on getting business results with your blog.  If you are interested in blogging or would like to get better results, be sure to sign up.

Part of the webinar is Avoiding Widget Creep.  How cool is that as a bullet?

Profile of a Hypocritical Blogger

Recently, a blogger found my list of 99 Websites where you can create buzz and he posted it on his blog, Brand Identity Guru.  He also dropped me a polite email.

When I saw it, I was a bit unhappy because I’d spent two days on that post and it drives a lot of visitors to my site, so I did not want to have the list appearing elsewhere in full.  I emailed him and let him know that I was not requesting he take it down, but I thought a partial list with a “See the full list” link would be more appropriate.

He complied within 2-3 minutes and the birds started cherping in my head again.

Then I realized my hypocracy.  Hadn’t I just done the same thing with 100 Best Business Blogs?

Well, I may just be a hypocrite.  I did call the Brand Identity Guru and let them know I was one.  The difference, in my head, was that the list I compiled was for companies.  The list of bloggers will benefit more from the links I copied, and it was my intention to give them all some visibility. – Weak, I know.

What do you think?  Would you copy a list?  Would you let someone copy your list?

Top 100 Marketing Blogs

We made the list!  Business opportunities and ideas published a list of the top 100 business blogs and we are in the 50’s.  I will take that.

[10/27/2007 Correction – Top Business Blogs, not marketing – I have marketing on the brain!]

Chris Brown had the great idea to post the list herself and challenge the rest of us to do it.

So here is the list – and congratulations to everyone that made this great list.

The blogs are listed in order of their Technorati rankings (T), their Alexa rankings (A) are show as well. The rankings are correct at the time of posting.

  1. Copy Blogger T: 36 A: 7,825
  2. Seth Godin T: 47 A: 10,314
  3. MicroPersuasion T: 169 A: 33,643
  4. How To Change The World T: 180 A: 14,709
  5. Freelance Switch T: 312 A: 10,638
  6. A VC T: 1,226 A: 27,737
  7. Rough Type T: 1,253 A: 69,429
  8. Successful Blog T: 1,432 A: 44,935
  9. Small Business Canada T: 1,517 A: N/A
  10. David Allen, Getting Things Done T: 1,549 A: 53,592
  11. Springwise T: 1,913 A: 23,858
  12. Small Biz Trends T: 2,155 A: 63,364
  13. Fast Company T: 2,310 A: 12,141
  14. Instigator Blog T: 2,477 A: 58,816
  15. Occam’s Razor T: 2,548 A: 45,541
  16. Smart Wealthy Rich T: 2,879 A: 79,415
  17. eMoms At Home T: 3,443 A: 27,125
  18. Escape from Cubicle Nation T: 3,467 A: 202,751
  19. The marketing Technology Blog T: 3,496 A: 47,038
  20. Business Pundit T: 3,724 A: 114,669
  21. The Engaging Brand T: 4,404 A: 433,644
  22. Influential marketing Blog T: 4,779 A: 98,886
  23. Drew McLellan – The Marketing Minute T: 4,820 A: 129,669
  24. The Digerati Life T: 4,873 A: 53,353
  25. Success From The Nest T: 4,908 A: 95,008
  26. Business Blog Consulting T: 5,186 A:237,901
  27. Church Of The Customer T: 5,576 A: 250,201
  28. Todd And T: 5,643 A: 161, 019
  29. Net Business Blog T: 5,936 A: 36,107
  30. Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing T: 6,583 A: 92,784
  31. Bootstrapper T: 7,497 A: 50,304
  32. Entrepreneurs T: 7,797 A: N/A
  33. Blogtrepreneur T: 7,897 A: 53,011
  34. Branding & Marketing T: 8,200 A: 710,326
  35. Duct Tape Marketing T: 8,985 A: 31,714
  36. Simplenomics T: 10,252 A:288,753
  37. Freelance Folder T: 10,543 A: 63,590
  38. Business Opportunities Weblog T: 11,018 A: 16,213
  39. HELLO, My Name Is Blog T: 11,395 A: 422,218
  40. Self Made Minds T: 11,704 A: 39,719
  41. Sox First T: 12,894 A: 994,161
  42. Young Go Getter T: 14,239 A: 45,373
  43. Trust Matters T: 15,462 A: 58,403
  44. Small Biz Survival T: A: 18,074 A: 875,069
  45. The Personal MBA T: 19,207 A: 142,649
  46. The Entrepreneurial Mind T: 21,958, A: 155,166
  47. Blog Business World T: 23,025 A: 252,405
  48. Working At Home On The Internet T: 23,247 A: 423,900
  49. Biz Informer T: 24,631 A: 904,745
  50. EmpowerWomenNow T: 25,837 A: 117,085
  51. Biz Plan Hacks T: 27,048 A: 1,335,732
  52. CreateBusinessGrowth T: 32,949 A:197,290
  53. Business Opportunities and Ideas T: 33,205 A: 282,805
  54. The KISS Business T: 35,496 A: 621,082
  55. Startup Spark T: 35,747 A: 386,949
  56. Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Blog T: 41,092 A: 467,418
  57. MindPetals T: 41,714 A: 128,487
  58. Marketing Deviant T: 43,764 A: 281,072
  59. Go Big Network T: 44,842 A: 25,303
  60. Cool Business Ideas T: 49,679 A: 187,126
  61. Neville’s Financial Blog T: 52,048 A: 140,296
  62. Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog :T 52,589 A: 795,253
  63. College Startup T: 53,143 A: 184,398
  64. Reflections Of A Biz Driven Life T: 79,365 A: 361,398
  65. Branding Blog T: 93,462 A: 1,110,518
  66. Carnival Of The Capitalists T: 93,462 A: 1,897,375
  67. Young Entrepreneur T: 104,933 A: 26,491
  68. Marketing Genius T: 132,066 A: 2,222,119
  69. Better For Business T: 137,774 A: 590,797
  70. The Small Business Blog T: 140,824 A: 577,490
  71. Focused Mind T: 162,356 A: 520,971
  72. Small Business Tips T: 166,367 A: 74,005
  73. Lifes Perspective T: 194,358 A: 179,801
  74. Business Opportunities Blog T: 199,700 A: 832,678
  75. The Savvy Entrepreneur T: 224,227 A: 391,147
  76. Egg Marketing Blog T: 231,062 A: 740,867
  77. The Franchise King Blog T: 273,240 A: 520,732
  78. Small Business Entrepreneur T: 317,977 A: 883,094
  79. The Great Startup Game T: 331,293 A: 421,492
  80. Work At Home Start Up Guide T: 345,597 A: 1,190,178
  81. Dorm Room Biz T: 360,865 A: 957,072
  82. Startup Blog T: 377,609 A: 2,552,189
  83. Open Inovators T: 395,824 A: 1,230,257
  84. Get Entrepreneurial T: 437,475 A: 446,085
  85. Bplans Blog T: 437,475 A: 1,373,525
  86. Stuff4Restaurants T: 461,534 A: 298,982
  87. Canadian Entrepreneur T: 484,461 A: 237,901
  88. Strategize T: 487,964 A: 2,856,731
  89. The Marketing Spot T: 587,893 A: 2,550,840
  90. The Ravings Of A Mad Entrepreneurial Scientist T: 587,893 A: 566,836
  91. More Than We Know T: 871,446 A: 2,964,420
  92. Solo Entrepreneur T: 1,212,405 A: 471,491
  93. Stuff4Business T: 1,391,575 A: 298,982
  94. Consultant Journal T: 4,262,598 A: 667,342
  95. Startup Addict Musings T: 4,446,976 A: 1,03390,690
  96. Edith Yeung T: 8,911,336 A: 125,290
  97. Boostrap Me T: 8,911,336 A: 550,348
  98. The Selling Sherpa T: Not Listed A: 772,292
  99. BizzBangBuzz T: Not Listed A: 1,484,797
  100. The Freestyle Entrepreneur T: Not Listed A: 1,519,518

John defines a Business blog as “one that provides business ideas, advice, commentary or feedback on business in general.” He’s excluded sites that he feels are primarily a news based site or that is merely posting content from other sources and sites that are too new or have not been updated for over a month.

If you think he’s left an important blog out then contact him with a reason and he’ll consider making the changes.

Z-List Update

A while back I wrote about the z-list, which has vastly improved my technorati ranking.

Chris Brown did a new version of the list with descriptions and I thought it was simple yet valuable, so I am reposting it here.  Thanks Chris.


Thanks to Gavin Heaton, Sharon Sarmiento and Becky Carroll for creating the full Z-list as a Download Zlist-categorised.doc or Download zlist_by_category.xls.

Calico Monkey
Focuses on the ToonBoom software to create animation.
Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together
Art-focused, including thoughts on the art that Tammy produces.
Looking, thinking, drawing, being
World Blog Collection
Blog listings categorized by type; goal to add 1000 links in ’07.
Blogging Secret
Part personal but mostly blogging related site.
Blogging to Fame
All aspects of online business from SEO to usability and blogging.
How to improve your blogging by Chris and others.
Daily Blog Tips
Tips to improve your blogging from tools to design.
Mike’s Money Making Mission
Making money using free blogs.
One Reader at a Time
One blogger’s experiment in building and engaging with online communities.
Ruminate this site
Reviews blogs and sites so that we don’t have to.
SMogger Social Media Blog
The ethical use of social media for bloggers and other web users.
Blog Consultant bringing the twin passions of business and blogging together.
Successful Blog
The legendary Liz Strauss, blogger extraordinaire and creator of the SOB award.
Troy Worman’s Blog
Focus on writing, ideas and connections
Copywriter’s Crucible
The importance of copy in corporate blogging
Copywriting Tuneups
How to measure reading effectiveness and why it is important in the blogosphere
Dipping into the Blogpond
Blogging about starting an Internet company in the Sutherland Shire.
Broad and deep insight into the branding process.
Own Your Brand!
Blog to help businesses re-imagine their brands.
The Emerging Brand
Corporate branding blog focused on leadership.
The Engaging Brand
Using technology and marketing knowledge to improve business communications.
What is Brand?
Japanese readers/speakers? Anyone?
Presentation Zen
(Site in English) Tips for great presentations, marketing, and business communications.
Bob Sutton
Discussions of “jerks” in business.
Health, wealth and the freedom to choose. Archived blog. New one is jugaad (
Ramblings from a Glass Half Full
Views on business life.
Simplicity Mary’s Blog
Business development, marketing troubleshooting
Funny Business
Wide ranging discussion on business with a funny and pictorial approach.
Creative Think
Fun Ideas to stimulate your creativity.
The Copywriting Maven
marketing and SEO copywriting tips.
Brain Based Biz
Tips for stirring creativity in business.
How to create great customer experiences on the web and in the “real” world.
Business blog on call centers, quality assessment, and customer service.
Shut Up and Drink the Kool-Aid!
The irrepressible Tim MasiGuy Jackson and Co’s slant on bicycle marketing.
Tips for database marketing from the viewpoint of a DM wiz.
Design Sojourn
How to do good design and create clever products.
Design, innovation, as well as Jon’s cartoons!
Frozen Puck
Making cool stuff with expensive toys
Africa Unchained
Discussing issues and solutions in Africa.
Energy Blog
News, information and updates on the Energy generation industry.
Movie Marketing Madness
Marketing with a focus on Hollywood. No info on About page.
Corporate blog discussing environmental issues.
Time to Budget
How to gain financial freedom by controlling your finances.
A project raising awareness and funds for children with dyslexia and learning differences
Girls Swimsuits
The name says it all, new site, small archive.
Home Business Wiz
Collection of resources about home business.
Working at Home on the Internet
Home business entrepreneurs and making money from home
Kristie T
Fun, mom-geared work-at-home tips and advice on making money on the net.
Asia Inspection Community
Blog for Inspection Engineers based in Asia. Includes job board.
Employment Law Colorado
Resource for employers and employees on Colorado employment law
Leading Questions
Real life leadership, organisational tranformation and practical tips for leaders of all kinds.
Steve Olson
Chronicling one family’s quest for personal freedom.
Make It Great!
How to take your life from good to great by focusing on relationships.
You Already Know This Stuff
Reminding us all that what we need to know is already in our minds and hearts.
Funny perspective on life from a stay at home Christian mom.
My Marrakesh
Expatriate American with an eye for style, architecture and good living
Gangster Sonny
Fascinated with all things mafia … from movies to weapons.
Talking Story
Management and leadership, Hawaiian style.
Freelance art director’s view on creativity and advertising
Being Peter Kim
Personal insights from the depths of Forrester (note: this is his personal, not Forrester, blog).
Brand building and marketing from an Italian perspective
A passionate and respected author, marketer and activist.
Blog Till You Drop!
Marketing, advertising, branding, blogging
Branding & Marketing
Designed for business professionals with an interest in branding and marketing.
Business Garden
French readers/speakers?
Buzz Canuck
Passionate exponent of word of mouth from Canada.
Creating buzz with word of mouth marketing.
Christine Kane
A recording artist, Christine harnesses the power of community to reach her audience.
CKs Blog
Clever strategies, the new best practices, and the smart marketers behind them.
Conversation Agent
Connecting ideas and people—how talk can change our lives
Known as the blogging yoda (for insight not looks), Mike is a conversation generator.
Marketing using new media.
Customers Rock!
Marketing the customer experience; its importance for businesses.
Diva Marketing
The Diva herself, aligning technology, marketing and branding for businesses.
Dmitry Linkov
Everyday and business issues
Drew’s Marketing Minute
Where strategy and passion collide
Productivity, marketing, web media, small biz development and other stuff entrepreneurs ought to know.
Flooring the Consumer
Improving the consumer experience, particularly in flooring (carpeting)
Get Shouty!
Digital strategy and thoughts on blogging.
Golden Practices
Thoughts on marketing for professional services firms, including lawyers and CPAs.
Hee-Haw Marketing
There is no box. New media marketing strategy thrown together with a few cuss words and a dash of panache.
Hola! Oi! Hi!
Thoughts of a Brazilian newly arrived in the US with a marketer’s point of view.
Jeremy Latham’s Blog
A marketing-business oriented blog on website development.
John Wagner
News and views on marketing, advertising, media, PR and grass-roots communications
Kinetic Ideas
Marketing tips, ideas, strategies, and musings for small businesses.
Logic + Emotion
The intersection of marketing, brand engagement and experience design. How to turn your passive consumers into active brand participants.
Marketing Hipster
Online oriented blog on marketing and web 2.0 tools.
Marketing Nirvana
How corporate marketers can leverage the web & social media for better results
Using alien intelligence to follow the path of ideas as they come to life.
Multi-Cult Classics
Musings on Multiculturalism in the Ad Industry and Beyond.
Nick Rice
Marketing strategy combined with creative thinking and design.
On Influence & Automation
A marketing and technology blog
Corporate blog focusing on using technology to create and sustain customer conversations.
Pardon My French
Online strategy and marketing with great case studies of real projects.
Pow! Right Between The Eyes!
The importance of surprise in business
Purple Wren
Tools and techniques for communicating life through print and images.
Servant of Chaos
Gavin’s rant on the world of branding and storytelling.
Shotgun Marketing Blog
Musings on marketing and related ideas.
Small Business Blogging
Using web media to market your business
Tell Ten Friends
Marketing using new media to make connections.
The Branding Blog
Branding principals, opinions and prejudices he’s developed
The Experience Curve
Social media and marketing from an experiential point of view.
The Instigator Blog
Entrepreneurial focus on marketing, ideas and building your business
The Marketing Minute
Expert insight into marketing and branding. And Drew loves Disneyland.
The Viral Garden
Mr Community leads the way in using technology to create conversation.
Two Hat Marketing
Views on targeted marketing.
Unconventional Thinking
The art and science of growing businesses
Marketing and Communications consulting firm blog
Popcorn n Roses
Movie industry blog with reviews and musings.
Current World news
“Breaking” news across a couple of categories. Small archive.
Choice at Your Fingertips
News and tips for making money blogging. No archive.
How to be an online entrepreneur and also build community!
Can I Make Big Money Online
Tips for making money online including research, design and blogging.
Dosh Dosh
Trying to source legitimate methods for making money online.
Internet Bazaar
Tips and ideas for making money online.
Kumiko’s Cash Quest
Trying to make money online and sharing the experience.
Million Dollar Experiment heads Down Under
Can thinking positively make you a cool mill? Rob hopes so.
Quest to make money on the internet
Currently up to £128, this site makes money by letting out its posting space.
Above Popular
Motivated to make the world a better place.
Critical Fluff
Ranks various things in life with mulligans, crabapples, and pineapples.
Forged Euphoria
Some sponsored links.
Miscellaneous musings
The Sartorialist
Photos of fashion on the streets, geared to inspire designers.
Politics and commentary.
New Millenium PR
Bringing business, branding, marketing and PR together.
The New PR
Public relations in the online world.
Carpe Factum
Blog that focuses on the things you need to do to accomplish things. Especially big things.
Work, in Plain English
A design and marketing focused blog on project management. Interesting mix!
turned out
Minister blogging to connect everyone with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Evolution…not just a theory anymore
Creation vs evolution, commentary and archaeology by an independent scholar.
SEO Blog
New site on SEO and use of blogs to improve rankings.
Flee the Cube
Starting up a small business in web design.
Community Guy
Online and offline community building tips and tricks.
A Free and Decent Blog Host
Technology news focusing on blogs and blog software
Billions With Zero Knowledge
Changing the world with little bits of knowledge
Connected Internet
All things to do with technology, mobile phones and gaming.
Tech news, writing and marketing
Focuses on the technology of the Internet and loves Google.
MapleLeaf 2.0
Tech news stories relating to Canada
Scott Burkett’s Pothole on the Infobahn
Musings on technology, IT management, and online community.
Small Surfaces
Interaction design, user interface design, user experience, usability and social trends related to mobile devices.
Tech new and reviews written by 17 year old in India. Awesome.
Design and photography blog.
Through the Lenses
Travel/photography blog includes stunning shots and photography tips.
Travel And Vacation On Blog
Lightweight travel guide/destination information on selected cities. Needs more.
The Best Guides to eCommerce with Favor
Viral marketing tools, memes and SEO tips.
Web Metrics Guru
Web analytics, in particular for blogs
The Future of the Web
Use of new technologies for the web.
Social Media on the fly
Learning social media on the fly
Japanese readers/speakers? Anyone?

Top Ranked Business Blogs

Buzzoodle Blog made the blog feed of University of Maryland that is entitled “Feeds that Matter” for Business.  It is the old blog address, but I will live with that as I try to get all of your to subscribe to this blog. [Insert your favorite begging]

Thanks to Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends – who kicked my a** on the list, for pointing it out to me.

That list is magical in pooling top thinkers in business and making their daily thoughts available to you every day.

Also let me take a moment to thank Kristofer of  Tankar kring.  This time he wrote about me in Englsih so I could read it too.

Newspapers and Blogs

Yesterday the local Akron Beacon Journal did an article on business blogging that heavily featured me. Including a huge picture of me smiling that made me look fat, my wife says.

The funny thing about the article was that it did not have a link on the web and did not generate any internet traffic at all. I was actually down yesterday. What it did generate was a lot of emails from people, some of whom I had not spoken with in a while. That was nice.

Then, local Small Business Guru and blogging expert Anita Cambell mentioned it in her blog the next day. That did generate more traffic.

The moral of the story is that buzz is not isolated. One thing leads to another, that leads to another, and can build up to nice buzz for you.

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