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Enterprise Blog Software

A few years ago I strictly sold higher end solutions.  No PHP, no open source and no free tools.

I come from a big corporate background and using enterprise tools was the only way to go.

And while there is some use for it still, you really have to get out of this mentality if you are still thinking this way.  For example, there are enterprise blogging systems, but are they really necessary?  Every SEO expert I talk to says WordPress beats any enterprise blogging system – and it is a free, open source blogging platform.

Now you may still want to use a system like our lead generation blogging system to help your WordPress site perform better, but you are still on an Open Source Blogging system you own.

Then there was that whole .Net thing.  I never did think there were big advantages.  Once we switched to .Net everything took longer, things were harder to update and at times we could not debug easily.  I was sold on why it was better but it never seemed better to me, although my programmers liked it.  Now I do everything exclusive PHP.

About 9 months ago a client called me and wanted me to set up Oracle for him.  I was at the library with my daughter, but I asked him what we was trying to do with it.

He needed a simple time keeping system that could be accessed from remote locations.

I pointed him to Google Docs and saved him tens of thousands of dollars – and he loves the solution.

The idea of Enterprise software has changed.  I prefer multiple tools good at specific things instead of complex packages that try to do everything.

I prefer open source.

I prefer things that can plug into other things and leverage the specialty of the initial software.

And I prefer our WordPress integrated publishing and lead generation software to any Enterprise Blog Software you could buy.

10 Things That Stop You From Making Money Fast

While I work with many fine, big businesses to help them grow their business using business blogging software to generate online leads, I also find that I end up mentoring a lot of people on creating Internet businesses. The problem is that they do not like what I have to say, which is that it takes time and work.

Here are 10 reasons it takes longer than people think (or hope) for building online income.

  1. Google sandbox – while this is unofficial, most SEO people know that the first 6-12 months are much harder on a website with a new domain. It does not get consistent good ranking from Google until it ages. If you just quit your job and started an Internet business, I hope you were planning a year in advance and set up some niche sites.
  2. No email list – Sure, there are faster ways to build a list. But starting from zero is just going to be a lot of work, especially if you have not done it before.
  3. Selling something they are unfamiliar with – lets face it, no one likes to sell something that they do not understand. If you just started and you are selling a money making opportunity, and you are not making much money yet, how are you going to convince other people?
  4. Lots of Internet marketing courses – If you are buying a lot of Internet marketing courses and programs you are probably not taking action – just learning more. Make sure to take action asap.
  5. Focusing on one site – It is OK to focus on one site – but only if you are well targeted and are going to really make an incredible effort on that site.
  6. Not testing – If you are spending money on pay per click or advertising but you are not building your list or making sales to a decent percentage of visitors, you are going to burn through your money with little outcome. Traffic is not the goal – conversion is the goal.
  7. Not planning goals in tiers – Your goal cannot be to make $100,000 in 6 months from zero. OK, you can have that goal if you want to, but consider this. I always suggest someone set daily goals and when you are just starting out, learn to make $10 a day. I know that cannot support you, but until you know how to make a little you cannot scale up and make a lot.
  8. Pick products that can be sold, not one’s with the highest payout. The places I make the most money besides working with clients are mid-priced products that have incredible quality and are very valuable.
  9. Too complex of a plan – remember that people will not find your new website unless you promote it day and night. Keep your plan simple and focus on relentless promotion, value and content.
  10. Giving up too quickly. Lastly, people do not make money fast so they think everything is wrong and they jump to the next idea. Unless you focus on a few things and do them well for an extended period, you cannot be successful.

Bonus: Especially when you are just starting, do not build many different business models. There are a lot of ways to make money on the Internet but you cannot do them all. Really master one and then learn a second.

Business Blogging Software Update

One of our main offerings is using customize business blogging software to generate more leads for clients.

For most of our clients this has been very successful. Probably the biggest challenge is helping clients understand that business blogging is a content marketing strategy and content marketing is not the fastest way to get new clients. However, it has great long term value. It is an investment in a long term lead generation strategy.

We have a huge update coming to our business blogging software very soon. I am already using some of the new tools myself, but I am very particular about releasing it before it is ready and fully tested. The new blog software will integrate with WordPress installs so clients will be able to get the best of both worlds. WordPress is the industry standard not only for blogging, but also for great search engine ranking.

But if you give back-end access to people, they get overwhelmed and it intimidates them.

So imagine a back end that is full of training, article templates, article writing tools, linking tools, analytics, keyword targeting, social media integration and even includes writing services. Plus we will be adding lead capture for those clients that are not using their own CRM or Lead Capture solution.

We only have one goal. Build a content marketing strategy and tool that makes it easy for clients to attract and generate leads but does not require the client to become knowledgeable about Internet marketing, Blogging or Social Media.

If you are interested in finding out more about our business blogging software, feel free to contact me for a demo.

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