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Brand Ambassador Program with Employees

How to form your Employee Brand Ambassador Program

This article is an inside look at some of the strategies we use in our Employee Ambassador Program.  The reason we are giving away our secrets is that our program is for those businesses that want an outside company with strong social media credentials to work in a collaborative environment with employees to strengthen the personal brand of key employees as well as the corporate brand.  It is not the activities that are important, but the collaborative environment and monthly assessment of progress that will make your Employee Brand Ambassador Program succeed.

Goal of an Employee Brand Ambassador Program

Your goal may vary, but generally speaking the goal of an Employee Brand Ambassador Program is to help employees become better evangelists for where they work. 

The outcome of the Brand Ambassador effort should include:

  • Employees connected with more people.
  • Positive information in many places on Internet, including search engine slots.
  • Increase in sales leads and income, as people feel more connected with your employees.
  • Much better search engine saturation for your brands
  • Increase in invitations for speaking and PR opportunities
  • Jump start online conversations about brand
  • Increased website traffic from links and search

The most important thing to keep in mind about your Employee Brand Ambassador Program is that it will compound over time.  The first month rarely results in a big, noticable outcome.  Instead, you have to think of each connection an employee ambassador makes as having value.  Each blog post adds to the content that shows up in search engines.  The Internet has a long life span and the things you do today will keep working for you in the future.

So what are the core things to do with a group of employees to launch your Employee Brand Embassador Program?

Employee Ambassador Profiles

Good employee ambassadors need to develop great online profiles that help people find them and understand what they do.

  • Register
  • Add a blog to that domain
  • Set up a LinkedIn profile.  Connect with people and answer questions.
  • Set up a twitter account
  • Your Brand Ambassador consultant can review these and help you get the most from them by customizing them and optimizing them for better search engine results.
  • Account
  • Set up some free blogs – Even if you have a good WordPress blog on your personal domain, it is also valuable to set up blogs one the free sites, such as and  These will just be lightly maintained with good occasional content and links to important articles, events, etc.

Keep in mind that all of these above items are developing a personal brand.  However, within that personal brand each person should mention where they work and link to the company website or blog.

Employee Ambassador Content Creation

You then need to put together a schedule and rules for using these tools.  I’d suggest that you make it very clear what employees can do during work hours and what needs done during off hours.  Some research I have seen suggests that twitter is a big way people waist time at work.  That is why your content creation strategy for employee brand ambassador’s must spell out the terms of participation. 

In addition to the above personal branding efforts, your organization should set up a corporate blog, corporate twitter account with news updates, post video and possibly do a podcast show about the industry your clients are in.  All of these things can also be developed by your most passionate employee brand ambassadors.

To build a successful brand ambassador program, you will need:

  • Set goals and milestones for your brand ambassadors.
  • Use a project management and collaborative community to keep the team energized and involved.
  • Reward top employee ambassador performers
  • Document successes and outcomes each month and share the report with the Employee Brand Embassadors.
  • Make sure your Employee Brand Embassador’s know all the great stories, testimonials and ways that your company helps clients.  Give them positive things to talk about.
  • Ditch Bad Seeds – Not popular, but someone has to say it.  If someone is not participating, saying negative things or being negative in the group, there is no room for them in your Employee Brand Ambassador Program.

You can do all of this yourself.  If you are looking for someone that can coordinate this effort for you and develop a lot of buzz on the web with your motivated Employee Brand Ambassadors, visit our Employee Brand Ambassador website.

Employee Brand Ambassadors

Valse hésitation

Reprint From Chris Brogan

In writing up my visit to Gannett, I realized that I was missing something that I wanted: I went to link Jim Lenahan’s name, and then realized that he doesn’t have a blog or any kind of external web presence. I wanted to link Michael Maness, their VP of Innovation, and realized he doesn’t have an external web presence. Ditto Ken Paulson, etc.

It dawns on me that this is a missed opportunity in several ways.

  1. Links are love. If I link to them, Google values that link and helps search traffic find the site.
  2. Links encourage exploration. You click links on my site all the time. I watch you do it.
  3. Web presence gives us a public glimpse of you. It gives people backstory.
  4. Web presence provides you more opportunities to meet new people.
  5. Web presence makes a larger showing of your company’s thinkers.

Not every employee needs a blog, and not every employee should be outward facing from a web perspective (several might not want that, actually). But the folks who have jobs that put them in contact with people like me? I think you need a web presence, please.

Reprint From Chris Brogan

Visit: Employee Ambassador Program

Brand Ambassador

Bubble macroWhat is a Brand Ambassador? You may have heard the term.

It is the same thing we are doing with employee ambassadors. It is when you help your key constituents become walking logos or an extension of your corporate brand.

Here are 10 ways an average, happy employee can become a powerful brand ambassador:

  1. Start a blog and talk about work.
  2. Word of mouth – Talk about what a great place it is with others.
  3. Brand Ambassador Party – Maybe a party where the ambassador can demo your product and sell them.
  4. – Micro-ambassador
  9. Search – Searching for comments about the company
  10. Any online groups – and there are millions.

Those are just the low handing fruit. Check out our Employee Ambassador Program if this topic interests you.

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Recession-proof your Business

I had someone ask me a few questions for an upcoming eBook about weathering a recession.  My answers were probably a little more buzz related than average, and I thought some of you might like them.  So here they are:

 1. What are the common mistakes most businesses make in a recession?

This is something of a loaded question.  Mistakes obviously depend on the industry you are in.

It is well known that cutting back on marketing in a recession will mean a negative impact on your future growth after a recession.  However, if you are in survival mode, there may be no avoiding it.
2. What are 10 methods you would use to survive and prosper in a recession?

#1 – A recession is a great excuse.  This won’t be popular, but a recession is a great excuse to make cuts.  If you have had some marginal performers, use this as an excuse to become leaner and meaner.

#2 – Use down time for new product development.

#3 – Identify what makes you special and then get the whole team behind creating buzz.

#4 – Reinvent yourself.  An industry can collapse any time, not just during a broader recession.  Look at how Kodak reinvented itself after film sales dried up.

#5 – Shore up the value you are creating with your existing clients.  Make sure you keep what you have before worrying about new customers.

#6 – Upsell to your existing clients worries.

#7 – Take advantage of more availability of workers.  Hire Virtual Buzz Assistants to work from home and create more results for you.

#8 – Sell hope – focus on how your product or service helps provide a light at the end of the tunnel.

#9 – Automate more – If you need to save money, find ways to automate processes that used to take a person.

#10 – Don’t give in to recessionary thinking – Your attitude should not dip with recession worries.  If your attitude dips, people sense it and you will hurt your prospects.
3. What are some little known money-making opportunities for businesses?

It really depends on the business.  I would not suggest losing focus on your main money makers. Assuming you have the time to spend, you might try setting up every person in the organization with a blog, giving them a class or workbook on how to use it and creating an affiliate lead genration tool for each person.  Then every employee could be an affiliate marketer for the business (as well as a content creator.)  By making everyone a brand ambassador with the potential to earn some extra money, you make every person a member of the marketing team.

Online Lead Generation