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Brian Tracy

I am involved with Brian Tracy for the first time because I joined iLearning Global in his down line.

Before that, I’d never looked at much of what Brian Tracy did, but I knew who he was and I had heard about all the people that respect him.  And after seeing Brian Tracy’s Videos on iLearning Global I have grown to respect him as well.

The interesting thing for me on this blog is BRAND protection.  Brian Tracy does a good job of locking up his organic searches on google for his name.  I think all 10 are favorable for him and probably owned by him.  Many other long term word combinations with his name are not locked down well, but that is time consuming and hard to do.

What fascinated me more is the heavy attack on his personal brand with Google Adwords – just look at the image to the right of the ads that appear when you search on Brian Tracy.

Maybe that is a sign of when you have really made it.  When people feel compelled to try to steal your thunder by running ads for your name and trying to lure people that are clearly interested in your message away from you, it is really the ultimate sign of respect.

Personally I think it is kind of sad, but Brian Tracy probably gets the last laugh as people that are looking for his name most likely do not click much on the ads that are defaming Brian.

The image to the left does not click anyplace – it is there to illustrate the point.  If you want to see some of these ads live and clickable, go do your own lookup of Brian Tracy.

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