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Blog Writing Service

Did you know that the Buzzoodle Inbound marketing tool actually has three levels, and the upper two levels include a blog writing service?

While inbound marketing is probably the most effective and profitable marketing that I have ever seen, it is also one that does not always pay off – usually because the business thinks it can write articles regularly, but they fail to make it a priority and end up with little in the way of lead generation.

That is why we added the blog writing service to the program.  It does not mean that you will not want to do any of the writing yourself, but it means that if you get busy for a while, you can be sure that someone is writing on your business blog and getting you results, even if you are focusing on something else.

If you buy a content marketing/inbound marketing solution from anyone, remember that it is not the software or the website that gets results, it is the regular production of high quality content that your target market will find valuable.

A blog writing service is essential to make sure you have the consistency and focus to produce your blog articles that will generate leads for you.

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