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Hiring Blog Writers

Hiring a blog writer is a great investment if you have a sound strategy and you are using blogging tools to target lead generation.

But blog writers are as diverse as graphic designers.  Some are super, but expensive.  And some cheap blog writers are not worth their cheap wage.

But this is not a situation where there is a right and a wrong.  It depends on your site, the quality of the blog posts you want and your tolerances for less quality blog posts.

Keeping a well targeted blog fresh by posting light articles regularly is important.  But if you are using your blog to be an industry expert, you cannot just hire anyone to do that.

If you are not in the Internet marketing industry, you may not be aware that there are blog writing software tools that grab content from other sites and let you lightly rewrite it and post it as original. That might be OK if you do not care about quality and accuracy, but it is not appropriate for quality blogs.

So if you are trying to build a good blog site, how do you hire blog writers that will do a good job for you?

You can begin by running ads in trade magazines or spending time in industry forums.  Decide what a good article is worth to you and pay a flat fee per article and hire a few people to write for your blog.

This is not the cheapest way to get content, but it is very effective at getting quality blog content at a manageable price.   And you will be surprised how many people are out there looking for a side blog writer job.

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