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Blog Blazers – Stephane Grenier

Blog Blazers is a new book by Stephane Grenier, although he wrote few of the actual words.

Instead, he went out and interviewed 40 top bloggers and assembled their interviews into a book.

If you are looking for the one secret that will take your blog to the next level, it might be in there, but it will not be crystal clear.

I find this book fascinating because of the diversity of the answers.† One blogger will say adwords does not work, another says he makes $20,000 per month from Google Adwords.† Some say the headline of a blog is important, while others stress the content.

Sure, there are some things they all seem to agree on – good writing is fairly obvious.† But it is in the areas that these bloggers differ that I find more interesting.† And it shows how diverse the topic is.

If you are thinking about blogging, you are blogging but no one is reading it or if you want to rethink your blogging strategy, you should pick this book up.† No, it does not give you a clear blue print, but it is a feast of information to think about and find the pieces that apply to you.

Here is a list of the successful bloggers interviewed in Blog Blazers

  1. Aaron Wall – SEO Book
  2. Abdylas Tynyshov –
  3. Al Carlton –
  4. Alex Papadimoulis – The Daily WTF
  5. Andy Brice – Successful Software
  6. Anita Campbell – Small Business Trends
  7. Asha Dornfesh – Parent Hacks
  8. Ben Casnocha – My Startup Life
  9. Benjamin Yoskovitz – Instigator Blog
  10. Bob Walsh – 47 Hats
  11. Dan Lyons – The Secret Diaries of Steve Jobs
  12. Dane Carlson – Business Opportunities Weblog
  13. David Armano – Logic + Emotion
  14. David Seah – David Seah
  15. Derek Semmler – Derek Semmler
  16. Dharmesh Shaw – On Startups: A Community for Entrepreneurs
  17. Eric Sink – Erik.Weblog()
  18. Ian Landsman – UserScape
  19. James & Alex – Google SightSeeing
  20. J.D. Roth – Get Rich Slowly
  21. Jeff Atwood – Coding Horror
  22. Jeff Clavier – Jeff Clavier’s Software Only
  23. Jennette Fulda – Half of Me
  24. Jennifer Perry – 101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat
  25. Jessamyn West –
  26. Joel Cheesman – Cheezhead
  27. Jonathan Snook –
  28. Manolo Blahnik – Manolo’s Shoe Blog
  29. Neil Patel – Quick Sprout
  30. Pamela Slim – Escape from Cubicle Nation
  31. Patrick McKenzie – MicroISV on a Showstring
  32. Penelope Trunk – Brazen Careerist
  33. Ramit Sethi – I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  34. Rob Walling – Software By Rob
  35. Rohin Bhargava – Influential marketing Blog
  36. Seth Godin – Seth Godin
  37. Stephane Grenier – Follow Steph
  38. Steve Rubel – Micro Persuasion
  39. Trent Hamm – The Simple Dollar
  40. Yaro Starak – Entrepreneur’s Journey

You may want to bookmark this page and come back after you by the book, Blog Blazers, to check out each blog quickly after reading the interviews.† Combining the interview and the blog visit is very insightful.

Is Amazon Desperate?

I don’t know about you, but I am getting way to many emails from Amazon in the past few weeks.† Obviously many retailers are hurting and after deleting several emails from Amazon today, I asked myself, “Is Amazon Desperate?”

I love email marketing and I do not mind getting emails.† However, there is a point where you start to loose people faster than the extra emails pay off.† I’d be curious to know if Amazon has had more people opt out of the lists this December.† Personally, I am just tired of people trying to sell me stuff.

If you are doing email marketing, are you noticing any changes?† As people try harder to sell and consumers cut back on purchasing, the amount of noise is going to go up, and if you are not careful, your list will shrink.† I read another eNewsletter this morning where the author said they’d dropped nearly 500 names in the last month.† She believed that it was more due to bounces because of people losing their jobs.† Makes sense.

If there is ever a time to put great quality into your email marketing, this is the time.† Your list in incredibly valuable, but if it starts shrinking more than growing, you will find that your business follows suit.

How to Make Money Blogging

New Writers HandbookI recently had an article published in the New Writer’s Handbook.† It was about how to make money with your blog.

The interesting thing about this is that it was just a blog post I did a while back.† They approached me and I made money with my blog because they paid for the article rights and I also got great publicity by being in a wonderful book with a lot of great writers.

If you read that past article, you will see why it applealed to them.† If you are wondering How to make money blogging, you have to realize the† answer is diverse.

I have made money directly from my blog in the following areas:

  • Book Sales
  • eBook Sales
  • Consulting
  • Speaking Fees
  • Membership Dues
  • Article Sales – as in this example of the article making it into a book.
  • Affiliate Links
  • Reviews (I do not do paid reviews, but I sometimes mention clients as part of the broader effort)
  • Web hosting sales via our reseller opportunity.
  • Affiliate Members
  • Plus great JV opportunities that eventually lead to making money from the blog.

That does not even include all the great free PR and visibility we get.

You really need to make money blogging if you want to be able to justify the time and effort it takes to do a good job.† And if you want a good income blogging, find many different revenue steams and cultivate them.

Content Rich – Jon Wuebben

Content Rich

by Jon Wuebben

I just received a copy of Content Rich by Jon Wuebben in the mail.† I read it nealy cover to cover the first day.

It is important to keep in mind that I also produce a bit on content on the web, so some of this stuff I already know.

But I believe that this is mandatory reading for anyone that wants to get more results from the interent.† I really wish that all of my clients would read this before I started working with them.† Then they would have a clearer idea of why we spend less time on blinking graphics and more time on killer content.

Jon does a great job of hitting all the key areas chapter by chapter.† He includes clear examples and it is fun to see how he works.† Personally, I think the one chapter he spends on blogging should have been a bit more comprehensive.† I strongly believe that there is a limited need to even have a traditional website.† A well designed blog will do everything he is mentioning, but he is still talking about blogs and websites like there is a big difference.

Content Rich boils down to this:† How do you write content that is good for people and for search engines, and what places should you publish the content.†† If you are already a search engine guru, you will most likely not get a great deal more out of this.† But if your full time job is anything other than writing on the web in seo friendly ways, then you really must get this book and learn more about it.

Achieving Unlimited Success

Achieving Unlimited Success

by Dennis Kelley.

Dennis Kelly has written an excellent book on achieving succeess, and I have to say that I am a bit worried for him.† He has a successful business coaching practice, and his book seems to give it all away.† I guess the one thing that the book cannot give you is the accountability of a coach.

My only fault with the book is that it is mostly about attitude.† Yes, Attitude is almost everything, but because he is talking vaguely about success, he is forced to keep it fairly general and leave it up to the individual reader to apply the changes to their particular situation.† I guess I am just greedy and want books to address my particular issues in a step by step method.† Darn.

I really love the focus on life long learning, barrier breaking and taking action.† This is a full coaching program for under $15 and you would be silly not to buy it if you are not interested in changing your behaviors to be more successful.

He also covers the 10 most self limiting beliefs in depth.† This is the real eye-opening part of the book that later helps you commit to take action.

Buzz Marketing Help

Secrets...I attended a local blog community meeting today and one thing that attending does is make me feel really good about the buzz marketing help I provide.

It gives me a chance to reflect on the things I have learned over the last month.† Things that may not be fantastic to me but really help others.

I was able to tell them about Amazon s3 and how to use the firefox extension to take advantage of it.† I was able to share some WordPress SEO secrets.† I talked about how I have adjusted my titles and writing style to get better visibility.

While I do not think of it as Buzz marketing Help, that is exactly what it is.† And I learn as much as I give.† My new Employee Evangelism Program is being launched soon and it targets bigger clients than I usually work with.†† The other members that were there let me know which press release site to use and how to target the public companies better.

We talked for nearly 3 hours and would have kept going had several people not had meetings.† If you are not a part of a group like this, you need to be.† And if there are none in your area, start one.

Reflecting on the things I learned this month and giving general buzz marketing help to other bloggers is fun and makes me feel like the research I do really is appreciated.

Free Video – Why Blog?

– Watch a free video on why to blog

I do presentations all the time about social media and blogging.

In fact, next week I will be talking to a bunch of CEO’s about why they need blogs for their organizations.

Since I only have 30 minutes, I am breaking it down into answering the 7 questions I get most frequently, and inviting them to follow up with me after (hopefully in the paid, consulting kinda way.)

Since I have been trying to improve my video skills of late, I did a shorter version of the presentation.† If you are on the fence about blogging, watch this presentation.† It should answer your questions and be realistic.


Interview with Jill Lublin

Jill Lublin Questions & Answers for Buzzoodle – Jill has a new book about referrals.

Q: Jill, please tell us how you got into helping people build their
personal brand?

A: I got started because I was in the music business and discovered
that publicity and promotion was really my true talent and the
music business is so powerful because it’s all about branding and
imagine.† I worked for an underdog record label that didn’t have
large budgets.† We had to figure out very creative ways to gain

Q: What roll does social networking now play in building exposure?

A: Social networking is huge right now in terms of promoting
yourself through the networks. I’m still a believer in the
traditional role of publicity to help build a brand.† People
still read newspapers, listen to radio and watch TV.

Q: If someone wants to start building their personal brand but only
can do it 30 minutes per week, what would you recommend as the
best things to do with that time?

A: I think they should write an announcement that specializes in
something good that’s happened to them.† Do that every 60 days.
Also look for trends that are happening right now and see if your
story can fit in.

Q: Tell me what would surprise me from your book.† I know† about
blogging, press releases, etc.† Do you have an unexpected secret
you can share?

A: The most obvious one is get back to Belly to belly marketing
which is about leveraging your circle of influence.

Q: What roll can a virtual assistant play in helping someone build
visibility when they are too busy?

A: A VA can stay on the phone and on the internet one hour per day
by creating desire in the community so you have more exposure in
the market place.† A VA can also facilitate in networking
opportunities because they connect with so many different circles
and clients.

Q: Can you give me an example of someone you have worked – along
with their success story?

A: Ryan Yee – Ryan is an instructional designer. He needed to get
noticed as an instructional design; that subject wasn’t
interesting.† I listened to his story, a story about being fired
from his job, about the fact that him and his wife were pregnant
with their third child on the way, that he had just bought a big
house with a big payment; and was unemployed.† I recreated his
story into him being a virtual office warrior, taking a VOW (The
acronym for being a virtual office warrior- never to work in an
office again).† That story got him into multiple national
magazines like Entrepreneur, Home Office Magazine, and multiple
daily newspapers, radio, and television. It also landed him a
book contract. Recreating a story is sometimes what will get you
your best success by using everything you’ve got.

Q: Who should buy your book and why?

A: Anyone who owns a business and wants to “Build your client base
and your business by making a name for yourself should by my

Thank you for visiting with Jill today. We invite you to visit her on other days of the tour. For complete details about the tour and her full schedule, visit For full details from Amazon, visit Jillís website is .

Psychological Thriller – Resurrecting Randi

Warning:† About Fiction, not about business!

Well, let me take you away from your regularly scheduled buzz stuff and write about a friend of mine, David Shepherd.† He is a business author, puts on fantastic events for Interior Designers (Where I have spoken several times) and is now a powerhouse fiction author.

His book is a psychological thriller about how a few decisions turn a person’s life upside down.† It is called Resurrecting Randi.† In the spirit of full disclosure, we did do some consulting a while back on this project but I am not paid to make this post and we are not currently working with him.† He has really taken the bull by the horns and done his own buzz campaign, and it is going very well.

Just take a look at the site – he is listing his book tour very publically and is doing a great job of connecting with people.

If you like Fiction, especially stuff that has you talking the next day, pick this one up.

Wait a minute, maybe it did suck.

I got an automated email from Amazon today saying based on my previous purchases, I may be interested in … Duct Tape Marketing.† See this image and read the review….

Duct Tape Marketing

You would think that they would have some way to put in a 5-star comment instead of one that calls the book tepid and disappointing.† I already own the book, and I found it a very good marketing overview that would be a very good tool for any business owner trying to get the whole marketing picture.

Then I read this review and started thinking…. maybe I am wrong and the book is not that good.† Certainly marketing people do not benefit much from it….

The fact is, most reviews are written from the point of view of the reviewer, and do not consider what the target market is.† One bad review Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing got was from an advanced marketer that was disappointed the book was filled with easy things to do, even though that was exactly my intention.† Oh well.

The real point of this post is to keep an eye on all those automated things that are out there.† Your Linked In profile, reviews, blogs, etc.† You can’t always control them but at least keep an eye on them and make sure they put your best face forward.

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