Website Hosting is a Big Deal

When I help people set up new WordPress Lead Generation Blogs, I give them two options.

They are both good.  It depends on your tolerance for outages.

The cheaper host I refer is Bluehost, which I have used for many years.  They are good.  They have very good tools and they are cheap and dependable to a point.

Next, some clients want things on the cloud.  For those people I suggest Rackspace Cloud Sites.  It is the best Cloud Hosting solution and has great support.  I rarely have an outage on Rackspace.

Rackspace does take a little longer to set up a site on because they do not have the automatic tools.  However, their support is so good you may want to consider them for the high value sites.

Both are good, and for the money I use Bluehost for many of my sites.  But for a small group of important sites and client sites I use RackSpace.

Warning:  If someone offers to host the server on a machine they own, do not fall in to this temptation.  It is simply not worth the risk to host with a small, local hosting company.

I hope this saves you a bunch of headaches in the future.

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