Google Plus Benefits

I am not a social media junkie.  My book came out about creating buzz online before FaceBook was open to the public and before Twitter existed.  I have stayed involved but have not made social media a top priority.

However, Google Plus may be different.  I have been in it 48 hours now and I really enjoy Google Plus.  It is cleaner and simpler than FaceBook, although it lacks a few things I would like moved over from FaceBook.  And unlike twitter, Google plus is not as easy to spam which means it actually has somewhat interesting information in it.

I find it nice to be starting over and building up a great list of interesting people from scratch.  Of course I am adding the people from other networks to my Google Plus account too, but I am also looking to meet new people and use it much more collaboratively than the other things from the past.  I’d had high hopes for Google Wave to be a great tool for social collaboration, and that did not work out.  I think Google Plus has a lot of promise in this area.

Also, lead generation with Google plus will be achievable because people are actually paying attention and interacting more on Google Plus than they do in the other networks.  It seems to combine the best of Twitter and FaceBook and does some new management things that make it a really great tool.

I suggest you check out my profile on Google plus and add me to a circle so we can stay in touch.  I am really going to make that my Google Plus about higher quality content than the other networks which I mostly automate.

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