Why Small Business is a Terrible Niche

I meet people every day that say their niche is small and mid sized businesses.  In fact, the same could be said for me as my lead generation software is ideal for the small and mid sized businesses.  But this niche is a mistake, because a business is not someone that you build a relationship with, and in today’s online marketing world, relationship is everything.

Let me give you an example of how targeting people is better than targeting organizations, at least for the online marketing group.

If I target small business, I might want to sell the small business owner on a particular service or product that will help their business grow.  The problem is that the small business owner is often frustrated that things have not gone as well as they had hoped when they started the job and they are jumping from thing to thing trying to figure out what works best to simplify their business.

On the other hand, if I target the frustrated small business owner as a person, I might offer them something entirely different.  They know the ups and downs of business and they are now ready to build multiple revenue streams.  They invest in their own personal development and would welcome information on how to expand what they are involved in.

This is a much stronger connection because I am talking to the person.  I am tapping into their hopes, dreams and frustrations.  I am helping them get closer to the ideal image they have of themselves.

They might take the knowledge or product and put it to work in their small business, but they also may launch something else to create multiple streams of revenue.  And they are less likely to give up on the product or service because it becomes part of their identity, not just a tactic they are using to see if it works.

So if you are one of the countless people targeting the “niche” of small business, rethink how you can connect to people and grow your business.

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