Marketing Experiments

I am a huge fan of marketing experiments.

I have tested different price points for Buzzoodle Lead Generation in the past, and found that the $67 is more profitable than the $47 pricing model, for example.

However, I have never tested a truly low (below $10 per month) price and I have decided to run a short experiment on that.  So head on over if you would like a complex system of blogging tools, SERP reporting and link building built into one software package.

Now this price is only going to last two weeks and then I will move it back up to $67 most likely.  However, those that join during this special will keep the lower price.

I know more people will join, but what I am measuring is the number of people that stay in the program and actually use it.

Because our lead generation system does take some effort and takes time to build up, many people give up within a month or two.  However, by minimizing the monthly investment I want to see if they stick to the system longer to the point where it becomes wildly profitable for them.

I am posting this in March 2011 and if you are reading this later on, chances are the pricing special is gone but go over and see what we decided to make it.

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