Income Generating Activity

Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs get side tracked by shiny things.

I like to focus on income generating activity.  For me, a business is building income generating systems that are profitable and have long term value.

But I like shiny things too.


So to keep myself on task, I have a daily goal sheet that tracks my income each day through various channels.  When I started this I doubled my income immediately (the first month).

Do I still like to get off track and watch launch videos and play with new software?  More than you know – but only after I pass my goal for the day.

The thing is just a nice income tracking spreadsheet I made.  But it really focuses on daily success to meet monthly goals.  I like short term when it comes to income.  I have also created a video for you on how to use it to increase your income by tracking your behavior.

It is just one of the bonuses when you try our lead generation system risk free.

I got the idea from a sales manager that had simple sheets like this he used to track the activity of each sales person.  He said he knew how good they would be in the first month based on the sheet he used, and it was never wrong.

You may wonder why not use a CRM for this.  Well, a CRM is good for B2B sales, but not things like tracking behavior that can generate leads.  Things like posting on your blog, doing a seminar, standing on the street corner with a sandwich board stating that the world is coming to an end….  (not something I do but it might work for you)

The point is the income generating sheet defines those activities and revenue streams that are germane to income generation and sets clear daily goals that are important to you.  And it is dead simple to keep updated.

You can go out and build your own.  It is not hard.  Or you can download mine as a shortcut to increasing your income.  Just find a way to track your income generating behavior and you will be very happy.

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