Email Word of Mouth

Have you ever had someone recommend something to you via email?  Sometimes it is interesting, but not something you need right that minute.

 With all the good news about the power of Word of Mouth, one thing that I think has not previously gotten attention is the ability to archive Word of Mouth for future use.  I do this all the time.  I often remember who sent me an email that I knew would be useful one day, and I simply go back and search for it.

But there are many ways to store Word of Mouth referrals for future use.  Here are the ones I can unintentionally use.

  • Email Archives
  • Bookmarks
  • Blog Posts – If I think I want to share it.
  • iGoogle Link
  • Tumblr
  • To Do list in Microsoft Outlook
  • Forward email to my wife and expect her to remember for me.
  • Future to do item in my Treo
  • White Board behind my desk
  • Slips of paper I scatter about and review when I clean
  • Pass on the word of mouth and then later go back and ask that person if they remember what I told them.

And there are some that I do not do, but others do.

  • Extreme Note Taking - I want to buy some notebooks and give this a try.  I used to write in journals daily but the computer killed that habit.

It is worth considering these things.  We can measure inbound links, sales, inquiries, etc.  But how many times has your product been archived for future use?

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